I don’t know how your life works. But there are times in my life when things happen that I have very little control over.

Most times it isn’t the big things that get in the way, but a myriad of little things that pile up and push aside those things that I really would rather be attending to. Like, say, my business blog here at SuccessCREEations.

In the current case the primary thing beyond my control was a coworker taking three weeks vacation and my having to pick up the slack. Basically my already busy workload on my day job has doubled.

Between that and keeping up with my clients there has been very little time or energy to do much of anything else.

Blog’s Still Here

One of the beauties of blogging is that your blog will still be there if you take a break for a little while.

Saddling UpNow I don’t recommend taking big breaks like that as a regular business practice. Your stats will drop off like buffalo being chased over a cliff and it will take time to re-build them to where you were before.

Like getting thrown from a horse you have to climb back aboard at the soonest available opportunity. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes. Our minds have this weird ability to build up these huge mental barriers to getting started sometimes.

I find more often than not that once I get started on something I’ve let my mind build up into this hard project it turns out to be much less an issue than I imagined. Go figure.

When Things Get BIG Manage Your Stress

With all I have had going on the last few weeks I was starting to get stressed. To the point where it was affecting my sleep. Now I’m one of those guys who can sleep anytime, anywhere – months spent sleeping under the flight deck of aircraft carriers probably helped there.

So when I start having trouble sleeping it is a sure sign something’s not right.

One of the first things I do when that happens is look at my priorities and see if there is anything I can temporarily unload until things loosen up a bit. This time I offloaded some of my online activities so that I could keep up with my analog commitments while keeping my sanity at the same time.

Water RowerAnd fortunately for me Gorgeous had the presence of mind to put her foot down on something. Knowing that exercise is a strong component of stress management, she had me go ahead and order a Water Rower.

Rowing is something that I will actually do. And over the years I’ve learned that a critical component of any exercise regimen is choosing activities that I enjoy doing. Otherwise I can forget about actually doing it.

Because I won’t. No matter how good my intentions are.

But a good rowing machine gives decent full body workout. Convenience is key for me so having it in the house is key. Oh, and being IN the house is another key because air conditioning for my exercise area is a must!

I’m not a big one on heat and humidity.

So we’re rowing now. I’m sure it won’t be long until I push my gut back up to my shoulders where it belongs!

Head Out on the Trail

Like life, blogging is an adventure. You’ve got to saddle up and head out on the trail. See what the day will bring.

John Wayne SoldierEven if you’ve been away for a while.
The adventure may seem a little scary at first. It will have it’s ups and downs certainly.

But ultimately I think you will find the rewards far outweigh the costs.

And the cost of sitting still is to wither and die.

They say that one reasonable definition of life is movement.

From the smallest single cell amoeba to the wonder that is the human body, and all points in between – all life contains motion. Even plants have lots of activity going on inside them. While they remain rooted in one place, they are constantly growing and going through their seasonal cycles.

I’ve heard it said that if you aren’t going forward then you are loosing ground and that may be true.

But I do know that if you aren’t moving, you are dying.

So saddle up. Hit the trail. And see where you life takes you. You’ve got adventures of your own just waiting to be experienced.


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