Update: Check out the latest full demonstration video where I create a dynamic viral fan page in 6 minutes and 2 seconds: How to Make a Magnetic Facebook Fan Page in Under 10 Minutes with Lujure

I watched a webinar this weekend that blew me away. Nathan Latka hosted the webinar to demonstrate the new service he is launching called Lujure. It is the most powerful Facebook page creation tool I have ever seen. Period.

If you own or run a small business you are going to want to take a look at this service.

The Problem

The challenge with Facebook is that it is so monstrously huge that it is difficult to stand out from the crowd and attract an audience. Unless you can afford to hire both a top notch designer and a programmer that specializes in working with Facebook, odds are you page looks pretty much like every other business Facebook page.

Lujure Custom Facebook Page GeneratorBoring.

And boring is the worst possible thing you can be when you are trying to attract an audience. Boring is the kiss of death in this day of hyper short online attention spans.

But unless you have the budget of a major corporation to hire Facebook programming experts your page then up to now you’ve been on your own to learn the specialized coding language that Facebook uses. And that doesn’t take into account how often Facebook changes things. For example they are moving away from FBML apps to iframes instead.

If you don’t know what those terms mean then Lujure is for you.

The Solution

Lujure is an elegant easy to use solution to building highly interactive Facebook pages without messing with any coding. They’ve built a drag-and-drop interface to design your pages by adding your own custom graphics and custom widgets.

Some of the things you can add to your Facebook pages via drag-and-drop include:

  • Share Buttons
  • Clickable Images
  • Custom Sizable YouTube Videos
  • Email Newsletter Sign-up Forms
  • Twitter Streams
  • Comment Streams
  • Flash Video Embeds
  • “Invite Your Friends” Widgets
  • Live Webcasts
  • Live Chat

And you can set up all of these on your Facebook page in just minutes, without any coding. Here is a 4 minute demo video where Nathan creates an entire tab with several of these features from scratch and publishes it.

Watch it and be amazed.

Who is Lujure For?

If you want to take your Facebook page to the next level, but don’t have the programming skills or the time then Lujure is for you. Or if you manage build Facebook pages for clients then Lujure will dramatically reduce your page development time.

I’m not the type of guy to hype things or claim something is the best thing since sliced bread. But Lujure is the real deal.

To see for yourself just click here.

Lujure Custom Facebook Page Generator


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