Can you have too much success?

Google seems to think so. Check on this entry from the Official Google Blog this past week.

Basically Google is worried that their trademark may get diluted because too many people are using the word Google “inappropriately”.

Sure trademark protection is an important issue. However their blog post that they used to start some conversation about the issue is incredibly condescending. Giving examples with “Our lawyers say:” is a move guaranteed to raise the ire of the very user who are so enthusiastic about using their products.

Kem Meyer hits the nail on the head with her post Don’t Tell Me How To Google.

All this time, Google, you made us think it was all about us… and we loved you for it. We changed the way we talk, surf and build sites because of you. But, this sounds like it’s all about you….and now my radar is up.

I guess Google must be disappointed with how much success they’ve achieved. Now they want to be sure their lawyers keep a lid on their branding.

Do you suppose they will actually be dumb enough to let their lawyers eventually sue someone who doesn’t follow their guidelines?

I don’t get it.


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