Google and Neutrality Irony

In a rather ironic twist, Google now finds itself on the receiving end of a “neutrality” flap. It’s ironic because Google has long lobbied for something called “net neutrality.” If you look at Google’s Public Policy blog you’ll see they’ve published 22 posts on the topic to date. Background When you strip away all the… Read More »

Traffic and Money

There are two types of people who tend to know how to drive traffic on the internet. And the top players in both categories know how to drive massive traffic. Interestingly enough historically there hasn’t been much of any crossover between the two groups. In fact, the two groups tend to look on one another… Read More »

What is Google Really Up To?

There is a brilliant new guest post up over at by Alister Cameron titled How Google Blogsearch ranks your Posts… In their own words! It’s a long post, and very technical. Alister analyzes some of the wording found in Google’s patent application a couple years back for their Blog Search and he brings up… Read More »

Google Picks a Bad Fight

Can you have too much success? Google seems to think so. Check on this entry from the Official Google Blog this past week. Basically Google is worried that their trademark may get diluted because too many people are using the word Google “inappropriately”. Sure trademark protection is an important issue. However their blog post that… Read More »