Gorgeous and I were up early this morning. I set the alarm for 4 AM because we had to be down at one of our local TV stations by 6 so that Gorgeous could be interviewed about her upcoming eWomenNetwork event.

The event Wednesday will be a big deal because eWomenNetwork founder and CEO Sandra Yancey will be here in Savannah as this month’s speaker. With over 113 eWN chapters in the US and Canada you can imagine that Sandra can only attend a very small percentage of the events in any given month.

We’re fortunate here in Savannah that Sandra will be paying us a visit and sharing her insights into how to network with folks who can help entrepreneurs and business women expand their business vision and attract new customers and referrals. It promises to be another top notch event.

Small Market TV

Savannah’s not a big city by any stretch. It currently Ranks 97th of 210 television market cities in the US, which is higher than I would have expected for a city of about a quarter of a million people. Looking at a map of TV markets that ranking includes an area from just south of Charleston, SC all the way down to the Florida border. Our “local market” includes a whole lot outside the city limits.

It was interesting getting a peek into the production of a small city TV morning show. As is typical of Savannah the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. The folks at the station obviously knew their business and went about their morning work professionally. They seemed unphased by the early hour on a Monday.

Jessica Kiss was especially kind and gracious towards Gorgeous. Afterwards she told me that it helped put her at ease realizing that Jessica had done her research and already knew what eWomenNetwork was all about.

Here’s a photo of the two I snagged after the interview was done before Jessica had to move on to the next piece.
Lisa Cree & Jessica Kiss on theCoastalSource

Some Observations

It was interesting to me how the on air personalities had to sprinkle their little snippets of talking on camera in between all the other stuff that goes into a morning show. Being a small town most of the feature bits (like the cooking segment for example) were tapes so the on-air & tech folks could chat in between it all.

There was a well choreographed dance as the on-air folks and the cameras moved around between the various sets in the studio. Everyone obviously knew their jobs and what to expect next as things moved through the morning.

Gorgeous thought watching Johnathan Myers presenting the weather in front of the blue screen was pretty slick. She knew how it was done. But I guess seeing it for the first time is a bit different. She kept whispering to me, “That is so cool!”

Video Already Posted

They’ve even got the video from this morning already posted on line. Take a look and see for yourself how Gorgeous did.

When it was all said and done Gorgeous said she was glad it was over. The folks at theCoastalSource were very kind. But Gorgeous says she has no desire to be a celebrity.

Especially if it means getting up at 4 AM on a regular basis!


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