Launch Your New Website Even Though It’s Not Perfect

It’s a big temptation for people to want everything to be perfect on their website before they launch it. But that’s a huge mistake. I’ve seen it time and time again. Clients often will drag out launching their website because they have this mindset that it needs to be perfect before they’ll pull the trigger… Read More »

7 Features of an Effective Business Website

When it comes to their websites, most business owners focus on the wrong things. And it’s not that the things they focus on are bad. They just aren’t the most important features of their sites to really help them attract new customers with their sites. Generally speaking businesses focus on how their website looks rather… Read More »

What Are Your Website Expectations?

When it comes to your business website there are a lot of different things you can accomplish if you choose to. The key is understanding what your website can do. When you know what is possible you might find that yourself raising your expectations for website. Then it’s just a matter of having the right… Read More »

9 Ways to Keep People Coming Back to Your Business Website

One of the big challenges for any business on the web is attracting people to come back to their website over and over again. Well, I should say it’s a challenge for many businesses. Too often businesses get so focused on getting new visitors from the search engines to come to their websites that they… Read More »

Refine Your Target Market and Increase Profits

One of the challenges in business is aiming our products or services at the right target market. It can be tempting to position our business towards a very broad market. People falling into this trap think that because what they offer can be used by most anyone, they’ll be limiting their income if they focus… Read More »

17 Sources For Creative Blog Content Ideas

Everyone of us who create content for our business blogs and websites regularly can have challenges coming with ideas from time to time. Heck, some folks struggle with it most of the time. Well here are some places you can go to find creative ideas for you blog content. The key is to take ideas… Read More »

Add Video to Spice Up Your Business Blog

Most people agree that much of our everyday communication is non-verbal. The common number thrown around is 93% because of some study in California back in the 70’s. Seems high to me because words are important. But hey, I’m not in California. Or in the 70’s. Regardless a whole bunch gets left out when just… Read More »

Business Blog Posts Made Easy

If you feel you don’t have time to add blogging for your business into your already overflowing schedule there is some good news. Writing posts for your business blog is easier than you think.

Joining Skinny Moose Media

Last week I alluded to an upcoming announcement. Today I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined Skinny Moose Media as their new Community Development Director. Between their Skinny Moose blog network and their US Hunting Today brand they have just over 100 websites in their community generating nearly a million page views a month.… Read More »

Traffic and Money

There are two types of people who tend to know how to drive traffic on the internet. And the top players in both categories know how to drive massive traffic. Interestingly enough historically there hasn’t been much of any crossover between the two groups. In fact, the two groups tend to look on one another… Read More »