The other day in our Business Blogging 101 series we took some time to look at the value of RSS and Feeds.

Well we’ve got another satisfied customer!

Carolyn Manning explains how she now finds herself Jumping Into The Present with Syndication after switching all her email subscriptions over to a feed reader.

Carolyn was already subscribing to things via email. She thought she was operating in the now. And I wouldn’t have said that she was behind the times by doing that. My point is that getting your info pumped into your feed reader automatically will save you time. When you’re trying to run your business, that is important because your time is precious.

Here is what Carolyn had to say about it after she made the switch.

Yesterday, when I wanted to refer to an article, it took some hunting. Today, it takes a whistle. Gotta love that.

Good job Carolyn!

Make the switch today. Start using RSS and you’ll find you’re well fed!


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