Supercharge Your RSS with FeedBurner

There are very few blogging services that I universally recommend to all my clients and FeedBurner is one of them. (If you aren’t sure what RSS means or what feeds even are, feel free to check out a post I wrote a while back on RSS and Feeds to get the basics.) What is FeedBurner?… Read More »

Bloglines Beta vs Google Reader

As a guy who who helps businesses with blogging and the whole social media scene I’m often asked to make recomendations on feed readers. For many folks a web based reader makes sense. The ability to keep up with feeds from any computer with an internet connection, the ease of start up (and the fact… Read More »

Free Web Based Feed Reader Comparison

So you are convinced about the value of RSS and Feeds but you aren’t sure which feed reader might be a good fit for you. Well here is a little comparison of four of the free web based feed readers out there. I split my computer time between a couple different machines in a couple… Read More »

Start Using RSS and You’ll Find You’re Well Fed

The other day in our Business Blogging 101 series we took some time to look at the value of RSS and Feeds. Well we’ve got another satisfied customer! Carolyn Manning explains how she now finds herself Jumping Into The Present with Syndication after switching all her email subscriptions over to a feed reader. Carolyn was… Read More »

Business Blogging 101 – RSS and Feeds

So you’ve decided you really need to find out more about this whole blog phenomenon to try and decide if your business really needs a blog or not. (Hint: It does.) But you say learning all that new blogging stuff is a bit overwhelming? How can you make informed decisions when you don’t even understand… Read More »