This morning I am hopping a flight up to Chicago for a week. It was so nice of them to have a snow storm yesterday and drop the temperatures to below freezing for me so I can really be reminded of what winter is really like as I work up there this week.

Of course our office secretary has no sympathy about me heading into cold weather as I have a tendency to complain about the heat much of the time here in Savannah.

But seeing as how I am going to spend much of the day traveling, I thought I’d share a couple good links with you for some reading, especially since reading is one of my favorite things to do when I’m doing the airplane thing.

First Mike Sansone’s just announced that he’s put together A Newcomer’s Guide to business blogging. Mike is well on his way to turning ConverStations into the definitive resource for business blogging. His Itinerary page is chock full of an almost overwhelming array of information about the topic.

Jim Turner of One By One Media explains why and how blogging is different from normal corporate public relations writing in his post Amanda Chapel Doesn’t Understand Business Blogging.

Tim Stevens over at Leading Smart shares some of the Dangers of Email and gives us some tips on things to avoid.

And there’s big news from a great local Savannah company. Former President Clinton podcasts using Evoca. Evoca is a great tool for adding audio to your blog if you want be able to speak an introduction for your readers, or maybe allow them to leave audio comments on your blog.

And finally, my favorite. Liz Strauss over at Successful-Blog calls me out as a BAD Blogger. She says such nice things about me that I’m a little embarrassed to share the link. But then, I can’t really help myself.

There you have it, a little travel reading just for you. And I’ll check in with y’all a little later from the (freezing) Windy City.



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