Last time I was here in Chicago I made it a point to check out the Sears Tower. I figure when you are in a city you should see the important things there.

This trip I decided to try to see an important person if I could. You all probably know that Liz Strauss over at Successful-Blog is one of my blogging friends. She’s a deep thinker who keeps one simple rule at her blog: Be Nice.

Who can’t like that? Well I was able break away from my commitments up here for a little while last night and connect with Liz for some dinner and great conversation.

I was reminded of one benefit of living in a big city. You can walk to many of the places you need to get to. Two blocks away from her building and we were at a cozy Mexican place with killer food. Another thing about big cities, the best food is often found in the most unlikely places.

The conversation was outstanding as well. Not that there was any surprise there. With the way she keeps the conversation running on her blog I knew I was in for a treat in person.

We talked about growing up and some of the challenges we faced. I tried to have a pity part for myself about dealing with the cold. Liz didn’t give me much in the way of sympathy. (Because I get to fly out of it this weekend, perhaps?)

But she did share a way she found to snap out of it when she starts feeling sorry for herself. She said I should call Phil Gerbyshak sometime because he’s so upbeat that it doesn’t take but a moment on the phone with him and you’re feeling better.

Then she said, “Why don’t I just call him now?”

She dialed the phone and we caught Phil at a Milwaukee Bucks game so we didn’t talk long.  Even so we weren’t disappointed.

Phil is beyond up beat. He’s one of those people that overflows with enthusiasm so much that you can’t help to get a little on you when you’re around him.

Later on we were kicking some ideas around and came up with some pretty exciting things. The blogging adventure wheels keep on turning.

Interesting times are afoot.

Now I am so looking forward to getting back home to Savannah. Not only will it be tons warmer but I’ll be back on schedule. I suspect 2007 is going to be a big year around here.



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