One Wrong Way to Get Links

We all know that getting inbound links, links from other web sites linking in to yours, is an important part of marketing your blog and raising your authority and rankings in the search engines. There are all kinds of ways to encourage other bloggers to link to you, but ultimately the best way to get inbound links is to earn them.

When you produce high quality valuable content people will see its value and link to it. Combine that with consistent active networking and the number of inbound links you get will grow over time.

No Good Shortcuts

It is a consistent part of human nature that people tend to be lazy. Most folks want the reward without the work.

Like talking to a wall with your headphones on

Unfortunately at best shortcuts tend to run smack into the Law of Unintended Consequences. At their worst, shortcuts can be manipulative, destructive and downright counter productive. Especially when it comes to influencing others to take an action that benefits you.

This is especially true when it comes to building an audience for your blog.

There is no substitute for consistent effort over time. Sure there are some things you can do to help compound your efforts. But there are no shortcuts. Without work there is no miracle.

Don’t Try This Guy’s Approach

I get lots of requests for links. I’ve been blogging here at SuccessCREEations for a while, have decent page rank and people want to tap into that. It’s flattering.

Most of the requests are bumbling and get ignored. Occasionally I’ll respond with a, “no thank you” if the request is especially polite.

But the other day I found this comment in my moderation folder and was floored. I have never posted a comment like this, but this guy was arrogantly rude. On top of that he put this in my comment box (twice, by the way) instead of emailing me through the contact page so he fully expected it to be public.

Please don’t ever approach a blogger like this:

I am sure you will be disgusted to know:

Hi, I’m sorry I can’t find the comments I’m paying you for. They should be with MY Name and MY URL – the ones that I gave you. I believe I mentioned that particularly in my message.
ROCKFUSE : Helping Blogger Stand-out
11/26/08 01:50

Thanks. Sorry that it wasn’t clear there. I’m willing to pay you 100EC each for 6 comments left in these 6 pages.


The following are the specifics. Name: Excessive Jake E-mail: URL:

Thanks. Hit me a message when you’re done k?


Jake, you wanted me to hit you with a message. Here it is.

You’re right. I am disgusted.

First of all there is not now, nor has there ever been an agreement between us for anything, especially payment for links. Nor will there ever be, I assure you. Perhaps that’s why you can’t find the links you are looking for.

Since this is the first communication I have received from you, I am a little offended that you presume I am obliged to link to your site. Had you chosen a different communication channel than my comment box and/or a less arrogant tone I would have certainly kept this private.

It is true that we do have some advertising here on SuccessCREEations, sometimes promote affiliate products and services, and offer products appropriate to our readers. However, as a matter of policy we do not place links in our copy in exchange for payment.

To do so, especially for a link to a topic that is completely irrelevant to our readers would be counter productive for us and an insult to our readership.

Also, half of the pages that you (almost) referred to (several of the URL’s are incomplete) are for a completely different site. Why in the world would you pay me to get links on Andy Beard‘s site? What would possibly make you think I have the ability to put links on someone else’s site?

Prior to attempting to post this arrogant and rude comment you posted 3 or 4 comments on various posts here at SuccessCREEations. They were borderline spammy in my mind. I tend to err on the generous side when it comes to comments so I decided to leave your comments, but just barely.

However since I see your intent was just to get links back to your site without engaging in conversation I have since removed your comments and marked them as spam. If you have any questions in this regard, I would like to refer you to our Comment Policy for clarification.

Our Comment Policy is clearly linked right below the comment Submit button. If you had taken the time to read through it, you might have thought twice about submitting your comments.



P.S. If you choose to continue on with your existing approach to link building (i.e. spamming blogs) you might think about not using a link to your personal blog. While I chose to discretely leave your personal URL out of this blog post, I couldn’t help but notice your real name, that you have a PHD in Electronics and work for IBM. You might want to read through the IBM Social Computing Guidelines before you get too far into your blogging methodology. It might save you some heartache down the road. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. Woa…wonder if this guy has friends.

    • That is actually pretty funny! Most spammers at least make a slight effort to try and disguise their links or comments as something marginally legitimate but maybe this guy was either very ballsy or just an idiot!

  2. Sometimes I can not believe what people will do to get a link, like everybody says write quality content and people will link to you, natural link building is one of the best ways to achieve high rankings, sooner or later the search engines will find out and they will end up removing your site from the serps.

  3. Seriously, Chris. What’s the point of paying all those EC and buying some comments here? The google wasn’t an idiot and they will track it out very quickly…

    I have no ideas why they’re still a lot of people want to do this sort of things…

  4. Chris, you wasted precious time answering to a retard. The person will never understand your point… I’ve been through a similar situation myself, but the person added me to his Skype account. They come from Indian link buying companies mostly, and no matter what you tell them, they think they know it all…

    For us though… an excellent read as usual. Valid points. 🙂

  5. Pretty gruesome story… I think that these sorts of messages don’t regard a reply at all ’cause everyone understands why and where they’re all coming from. It’s like in the underground someone stepped on your foot and not looks back and says “sorry”.

    Chris, next time just forget and forgive. We all know that the real success as well as the real respect cannot be bought with money. They need to be earned.

  6. I wouldn’t even take the time to answer that guy.
    He’s absolutely out of his mind.

    So, he’s being rude to you because you didn’t do something he never told you to do?

  7. You know, I’ve given up on requesting links AT ALL from high profile blogs. Doesn’t really seem worth the time and effort. If it’s going to happen, it’ll happen naturally. It’s especially not going to happen using this method.

  8. Have you seen this site?

    I was scouting around after seeing someone selling “dofollow” blog comments on digitalpoint and found your site via that one. I guess someone fancied the idea of outsourcing the commenting to you.

  9. Wow talk about rude! I work in sales and have to deal with my fair share of rude idiots but it’s understandable when I’m prospecting them but to use this tone when you’re trying to get someone to do something for you (even if you’re offering to pay) is unacceptable. Good luck to him is all I can say ’cause he’s going to need it.

  10. Ouch! Hard to believe such folks are out there, just lookin’ for ways…

    Nice response, though. Make a lesson out of it for all of us to see.

  11. Chris,You are doing a great job by giving this guy a heads up.I am sure he will change his way to build links.

  12. Junch, That list has been floating around in various forms for over a year now, I think. The comments I started getting when the list first came out helped me get off my butt and write out a formal comment policy here.

    I’ve thought about turning NoFollow back on until I get taken off the list. Unfortunately I think most of the people who post that list are just copying and pasting it without verifying anything. (For example, my Page Rank fluctuates some but it always shows on these lists as a PR 5.)

    But I just can’t bring myself to punish the people who come here to contribute to the conversation just to maybe make my life a little easier. So I just delete the spam as best I can.

  13. I found your site via one of those lists today – sorry!

    We run networks of sites and we are finding that link builders are getting more and more aggressive in their approaches. Don’t know if it is because it’s getting more and more competitive for them, or just that loads more very unprofessional outfits have joined the bandwagon, but we now ignore virtually all such requests,

    Some have approached us regarding ‘advertising’. We have had cases we have said we would do regular ads and have spent a lot of time on the details, but at last minute they have introduced extra requirements to include paid links within articles etc which has killed the deal. So we have ended up putting in a lot of time with nothing to show for it.


  14. Wow, that’s unreal. I will never understand people who pay for links, or people who outsource the links without understanding outsourcing or link building.

    Sure, I always put one of my websites in when I comment, but I always read comment policies and the post I’m responding to. Crazy, I know.

  15. Wow, that guy was so arrogant and downright stupid. In addition, how can someone who has PHD act like this? You’d think they’d be smarter. I can’t believe this guy got out of high school.

  16. Really good advice, I am new to blogging and im glad i came across yur article , it will surely help me go on the right path and not commit such mistakes. Thanks a lot.

  17. I would never think about using such a horrible approach to try and get links. Do people actually give in to stuff like that? Sometimes people really surprise me.

  18. I don’t know why this guy used such a horrible way to build links! But your answer is good. I think he will think twice before doing this again.

  19. That guy indeed had a wrong approach in getting links. I will also feel offended if I received a message like that. He sounds like you had broken the deal when in fact there’s no deal nor agreement between the two of you.

  20. Shocking that someone who is smart enough to get an advanced degree could at the same time be so ignorant. Please follow up if he responds!

  21. Some people are truly unbelievable. You’ll find that out no matter what you do, where you work, or who you are.

    I run multiple websites myself, and you would be shocked at some of the e-mails and support tickets I receive. More often than not, most people that send me ridiculous things simply exhibit nothing other than ignorance.

    A woman contacted me regarding ‘her website’. She explained to me multiple times over that she was unable to find it – that it had disappeared. Each time, I inquired as to what it was she was talking about. Unfortunately, she took my inquiries as some sort of challenge, and decided to attempt to force the whereabouts of her site out of me by typing a message entirely in capital letters with some hideous demands.

    Unfortunately, I’m not a registrar, nor am I a hosting company. I’ve never had prior contact with this woman, and I honestly can’t tell you where her site ‘went.’ Hopefully she finds out.

  22. Wow, I’ve seen scams, but I can’t believe how this guy just put that out there! Do right by folks and treat them with respect… a lesson this person needs to learn!

  23. This is a very confusing message. Looks like the guy thinks he has allready paid you. Maybe somebody sold him links from other peoples websites.

  24. Absolutely amazing! Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking. I’m hoping that this guy is just slightly confused because that not only came of rude but also in a very condescending fashion! This guy needs to be a little more subtle if he is buying links!

  25. Wow, Is this simply one of those auto comment software initiated spam or worse is this a blatant attept to get you penalised for selling links? Whichever one is bad enough. I am assuming thoug for all our safetly that Akismet or another such tool will spot this and deal with it accordingly.

  26. I get requests like that frequently at a few of my blogs. I don’t even give them the time of day.

  27. Really interesting approach, but I don’t think it will work…

  28. I think people always try to take short cuts, but with web seo there is no better way than good content that is updated regularly, yes links are important and if you can provide contnet the helps people surely the links will follow.

  29. Im new to blogging. Started around a month ago. I would love to get more links quickly but surely people can’t expect to get them in the example you have given. What was he thinking!!!

    You need to produce great content and give great value. Like people have said here i would not have given him the time or day.

    Very interesting read. Nice one.

  30. I can’t believe some people. I liked this post I think its really funny that he linked to his personal blog and that you were able to find out he has a PHD and works for IBM, this is hilarious.

    As this is the first time I have left a comment, I just want to let you know that I really have found your blog useful.

  31. Chris, I guess that’ll be a lesson learned the hard way for that particular ‘SEO guru’. Glad you shared it, and in a bizarre way so will jake – assuming he can learn from his mistakes. Although who would want to link to excessive-sweating… uurggghh!

    Shortcuts come back to haunt you…

  32. Is it possible he was just very confused? I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I guess in the link building world people will stoop to just about anything. Glad you caught that and shared.

  33. I love it! How about the ones that email, you completely ignore because their request offered no value… so they keep emailing you every day. I laugh just as you see each email becoming ruder and ruder.

  34. You should report they guy to Google’s paid link report hotline.

    That’s pretty rude of him.

  35. I think he was just clueless. Maybe he read somewhere that you have to pay for backlinks and acted very rudely. Let’s hope he will learn the lesson and start to act more politely and… wisely!

  36. “a PHD in Electronics and work for IBM”
    He has no excuse. Very sad guy.

  37. Rude and stupid no doubt. Link building can be so easy if you know how to do it properly, even when trying link exchanges. Sure, if your site has no Page Rank you shouldn’t approach people to exchange links with you.

    Work on getting a PR of at least 3 before contacting webmasters for link exchanges, and when you do, be respectful and polite – people generally want to help you, especially if they will also benefit in the process. It costs nothing to have the right attitude but many lack just that – and it is crucial to your success, in any field, not just internet marketing.

  38. I am just stunt by such idiot that thought it was funny. It is a very controversial one. I was considering about installing a blog in my site but now I am kind of thinking perhaps if I am willing to deal with idiots like that. I do receive link exchange request via email but are very generous and polite. But I guess do not waste your time with such idiots.

  39. ..creepy guy. lol

  40. Wow. Can you believe the nerve of some people? It doesn’t look too much like a spammy comment, so I don’t think Akismet or the like would’ve caught it. Good thing you moderate 🙂

  41. Oh, good acticle, it includes very philosophical subtletie to my reach. Of cource, i stand by your viewpoint, thanks.

  42. Wow Chris! I really thought you had something important to say. I clicked on your link title hoping to find something useful not to find a bitching session. Trashing that guy isn’t going to make you a better person. You’ll get a lot of hits from idiotic followers like those that left comments here. That’s all you will get. I also hope you know you could loose a lot of time and money if he decides to take you to the cleaners. I’ve provided the link just in case to didn’t know about it. Even if he did send you those rude request, I seriously doubt you still have it on file. Even if you erased this article, he just might be smart enough to keep a copy of google’s cached page and take you to the cleaners. Whether you win or loose isn’t the point. The point is you will loose time and money. I wasn’t going to leave a comment but I just thought a little caution might save you some headache down the road.

  43. The comment you are talking about looks like a clear case of paid service to me whereby somebody would have taken a freelance contractor for typing in comments on high PR posts.

    Although it’s tempting to ask a high PR blog(ger) to link back to your blog, I am not doing that due to the fear or rejection 😆 Naturally building the links look like a better plan.


  44. Too funny. Thank god for comment moderation. I get a ton of spam comments, but never had one quite like this – It’s rather bizarre really, I mean, what was he hoping to accomplish?

  45. Heya Army Captain. I understand that you might not appreciate my cautionary approach to helping someone see that there might be a better way to accomplish their goal of getting back links. And I suspect that the good folks who have commented here might not appreciate being called idiots.

    While you may have serious doubts, I assure you that not only were those comments left on my site but I do in point of fact still have them on file. While, like you, I may sometimes fall a little short in the tact department, please know that I am not in the habit of lying.

  46. Makes me wonder, to save us time and trouble, are we supposed to let rude people have their way?

  47. This is hilarious! You should have played some games with him – shot him an email back and said “hey, your links are up, take a look”. When he got there and didnt see them he would send you another email. Just keep telling him, look, they are definitely up. over and over and over and over again.

  48. LOL!

    speaking of putting them out there lololol.

  49. A guy like that is on a collision course with destiny, a fix of attitude or he’ll wind up with a reputation beyond repair. I’m impressed you could even make out what he was saying.

  50. LOL I’m pretty new to blogging, always thought that this was a personal democratic medium for discussion and interaction with facless(literally) buddies across the internet.
    Of course you can have a pic, a profile but who knows for sure whether its you or someone else.
    Never realised that there is a way of making money and stuff.
    The blogs and comments IMO build up your blooging character, and this guy busted it up.

  51. I have also received my fair share of strange comments on my blog. I particularly liked the following comment which actually made me laugh quite a bit:

    “play omaha poker online games – Winner’s guide to the most effective tools and strategies to play omaha poker online games.Oh, that fortunate number nastily coughed beneath the gross period. Play omaha poker online games chortled a word. I oversaw that air alongside one tax. Oh my, the absolute play omaha poker online games thinly repaid outside of a formal education. Decent programme is this selected play omaha poker online. The food has a gross part. I read once, this dirty play omaha poker online games endearingly beamed excluding an uncertain police. As everyone knows, an incredible information dryly invoked in this semantic date. One extensive sites to play omaha poker online touched outside this lucky range…”

    It makes absolutely no sense at all which I found rather amusing.

    I actually have a question for you guys. What is the general consensus about posting links inside your comment text? I’ve noticed that most commenters leave their anchor text in the name field. Do webmasters accept single links in the comment text, or are these comments thought of as spam and deleted straight away?

    Best regards


  52. Haha. Apparently everyone gets requests like these and special spam comments…

    @Mark, I delete any comments that have links in the comment field unless it is a helpful link. ie. links that are relevant to the discussion and are not to personal websites.

  53. cant believe people put up with this kind of practices… cannot believe it really works too; a blog is operated by humans so soonor or sometimes a little later it gets moderated anyways..

  54. I’ve had a few of these link requests as well, declined them all. I wonder if folks ever take them up on their offers? Perhaps only blogs where the links themselves will be rather meaningless. Thanks for sharing, it’s great for newer bloggers to know what to expect and more importantly – how not to act.

  55. I can’t believe how pushy and arrogant people can be!! Way to give it back to ’em!!

  56. I guess he’s using some sort of blog comment service (there are many options) and he sent this mail to the wrong address. At least this is the only logical explanation I can think of.

  57. That shows how desperate other webmasters are… There are a lot of ways to get backlink actually but people always wanted easy but ineffective ways..

  58. I believe content is key to a successful website. By having quality UNIQUE content people are more willing to visit your site and link to you.

  59. Chris,

    Wow! What a great example of “What NOT to do” to get a link back from another site! I choose to follow blogs that I can learn something from, which speaks to the attribute of “unique content”. It does require some time, thought, creativity, consistency, and effort to generate and maintain that content, but if I use myself as an example… well worth it to get loyal and legitimate followers! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  60. Maybe there was more to this guy’s letter, but I can’t make out what he’s even asking. But I can figure enough out that this is definitely a “what not to do.”

  61. He just use a tool to leave these or else he is a fool. I really do not understand these guys, no more word…

  62. I didn’t see this guy as being rude as much as he was probably trying to sabotage your blog. Although the first comment “I’m sure you will be disgusted to know” did not make sense… at least to me anyways!!!

  63. It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do for a link. They act like no one is there moderating their website. Thank goodness for the delete button.

  64. I can’t believe there are still people like him. Good thing, we can now moderate the comments in our blogs. I think this man is just desperate and hopeless to get links. In my other blog, I get at least 5 spam comments per day…I wonder why many people love to spam other blogs; maybe they think their comments will not be deleted or moderated.

  65. Did you receive an answer from your response? Your disclosure around his personal info was especially chilling 😉

  66. Do you think this may be a set up?
    I know Google are looking for sites that sell links, This looks to anyone reading the comment and without your input that it is a silly business owner who really thinks they have paid for links – perfect set up for a google punishment or at least an audit.

  67. Wow, this guy is an incredible jerk. You are far too kind not to publish his name and info. But a little googling turns up his site.
    I guess this approach must be one of his “24 Killer Link Building Strategies for your Blog”…

  68. How arrogant! As if you were going to publish him with that attitude! The mind boggles!

    I found your blog by chance and it has some very interesting posts on it – I look forward to reading it in 2009 – many thanks and Happy New Year!

  69. What a Jerk, I would post his URL as an image file, that way he does not even get picked up by the search engines crawler.

    I added you to my RSS, cool blog that speaks out the mind.

  70. I have just found your website and I am really enjoying it.
    I too get very annoyed at people who just presume that by being pushy they will get you to do what they want. I especially don’t like those that want me to “help them out”.
    Why would I?
    Thanks again for the great site.

  71. Thats so disgusting.
    i hate when people just contact you without giving something back, they just want everything in the hand

  72. Wow…just found your blog. Looks good. And that comment above… You really have to wonder how this guy was brought up to leave a request like that. Talk about guaranteeing that you would never want to deal with him.

  73. Upon landing on this topic, i expected to read at least one simple “do not do” about posting to blogs. After reading the contents, i must say that never could i have ever imagined such arrogance existed, asspecially when it comes to asking for a link to be posted, while making alot of unnecessary assumptions about the person on the other side.

  74. I don’t like the way…if there is in my blog, i would categorize it as spam already…:)

  75. I am disgusted too with the guy’s way of communicating his spam-like (or really a spam)comments. He should not treat you like that. His intention was just to create chaos because he knew yours is a “true-blooded” genuine blog and is creating lots of followers. I wonder did he again contacted you this way?

  76. I bet that guy isn’t even embarrassed by this. I’ve made many mistakes for being new & slap happy, but I must say… his arrogance made me chuckle!

    Has he replied to this tongue lashing?

  77. Wow, in some ways it is rather humorous that the guy is so presumptious. See the humor in it and enjoy the New Year.

  78. I am surprised he didn’t reach through the computer with a virtual bat and whack you upside the head. Some people can be so rude!

  79. There are other wrong ways to get links, for example if you site or company was rude or mean to a customer and that customer is complaining. Even if it does get you a link, it’s not going to benefit you in any way.

  80. You just can’t save most people from themselves. I can’t imagine the level of arrogance that it would take to produce such garbage. Thanks for letting the rest of us know some of what is out there.

  81. Could be that guys is new in internet and have no idea how to get back link. There are a lot ways to get back links why should be rude?

  82. You are right. People are usually tend to be lazy. There is no shot-cut way to success in any profession. Those who do these kind of things, they are greedy and absolutely foolish. They even don’t aware of the fact that their acts are all wrong. In fact, their love for writing goes away very soon.

  83. Not the way to do it I have to say 🙂 Best way is to bee polite and maybe have something to offer back.

    Great site you have btw, just found you and looking forward to reading more good articels..


  84. And where is this guy now? He just sent this message and then go away or what? I think he was just trying to call your attention your blog is PR5 so everyone wants to write something here…

  85. I think pagerank and linking ought not be bought. It should be earned through time and a good deal of effort. Unless these people are working for some blog owners to pimp page ranks.

  86. It is pathetic. The person has serious problem with his brain and he is completely insane. Having said that, Text Link Advertisements is a flourishing business and many blog networks and many famous bloggers go for this. That is perhaps why that you got this kind of comments. Personally, I am all against buying links and I support’s Google’s policy. I just wish that all bloggers could have the same attitude like you.

  87. I am amazed what people think they are entitled too or expect from people offline or online. One thing I have always learned is you catch more flies with honey but I always try to give peoplethe benefit of the doubt. I cant imagine he is getting many links with this approach.

    Take care
    Jeff Casmer

  88. That was absolutely awful – its just proof of what the internet is coming to today (scams and spam!)
    On a lighter note, you could mention in your post about DigitalPoint Forums as an excellent place to find links! I’ve used link exchanges and link sales from there to build an excellent search engine ranking on some of my sites.
    Thanks for article 🙂

  89. I wonder how many people would actually grant his wishes and put the comments in place. Even though I personally view this type of approach as awfull, it might actually be effective for the guy. After all, people are pretty conditioned to follow direct commands..

  90. Of course you can have a pic, a profile but who knows for sure whether its you or someone else. Those who do these kind of things, they are greedy and absolutely foolish.

  91. I love the blog community, but sometimes some can make it less enjoyable.

  92. I can’t believe someone could be so bold. Maybe he was on the wrong site. jerk for sure even if that was the case. nice design btw!

  93. Well that’s what makes the Internet so unpredictable. aside from being prone to spam and unethical reactions. 🙂

  94. Content quality is what is most important. The linking will naturally come from this.

  95. yes.. content is the king & will always be the King…

  96. Spamming blogs is definitely not the correct way to go about acquiring links and is quite ineffective. All comments have the capability to be moderated and deleted, so why waste your time!

  97. I am sorry I have to go pick myself up off the floor, please tell me this is a joke?

    This guy has some serious issues. Def, not the way to build links.

  98. I would agree here there has to be some better ways than spamming like this. Just go read SEOBook or any one of the major blogs on how to build links the clean way!

  99. Do you think the guy read the letter till the end? You smashed him with the second phrase.

  100. One of the cool things about being a very new blogger is that I am looking around at websites and blogs, trying to learn something..improve what I do. And always the interesting ones link to others, a neverending line of discovery…and great information. This is a great reminder of the value of common courtesy!

  101. now i’ve learned a lot from your experienced here 🙂

    i’m also noobz and still need learn about blogging, hope this problem can clearly inside my though and mind for blogging perspective, not just about SEO

  102. Wow. I’ve had some borderline spamming comments on my blog lately which have been astonishing in their lack of courtesy but nothing like this….i liked your response though, you at least were courteous back! blessings on you.

  103. We should take your attitude towards this person as a lesson as well. I agree that you being courteous was a breath of fresh air. Good for you. Way to handle it.

  104. Wow, I’m scared to leave a message… sorry it’s just a joke. I think people lost their minds when the subject is “marketing”, “money” or something like that…

  105. It’s definitely one of the hardest parts of building a new blog. Getting traffic. I constantly struggle with finding inbound links. I produce good quality content, but you have to get the content out there somewhere before people will find it and link back.

  106. This guy obviously read Cialdini’s Persuasion… lol, what a useless way to negotiate!

  107. Wonderful facts. One of the cool things about being a very new blogger is that I am looking around at websites and blogs, trying to learn something..improve what I do.

  108. Hi
    The guy is clearly a nut. He has probably devised this method himself and I suspect he sends out thousands of such messages, maybe some of the recipients bite ? He might even have ulterior motives. Who knows he might even be doing a PhD. into marketing techniques ? Personally I think you have been very generous even responding to him. I take it he never got back to you ? Vic

  109. It is obviously sad to see that some people behave this way, and take for granted things that aren’t even given in the first place. I totally agree that getting links from other websites is an important part of any web entrepreneur..but if it doesn’t add value, there is no reason for the post to be shown.

    But man.. I’m amazed that people still just go on and blatantly spam..and expecting

  110. Ouch, the PS probably scared this guy to death!

  111. That dude was pretty over the top in his arrogance and presumptive attitude. You did a good job in setting him straight.

  112. Why even bother replying to such bs? I think it is a big waste of energy and time. Me for example, never reply to ppl asking for link exchange, or to all kind of rude comments, because I don’t have time for that. Moreover, they will feel even worse when they receive no reply instead of some kind of negative reply. There is nothing worse than others not paying attention to your anger.

  113. I am always surprised by these types of emails, I wonder why they do it. If it happens again it is easier to just hit delete if you ask me. Good that you responded though.. Did you ever get a reply back?

  114. If everyone could be as customer focused as you, life would be so much easier. I STRONGLY recommend links to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online business! I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product.

  115. The worst thing is that this guy is problably emailing tons of people each day with the same rude message!

  116. I’ve received emails like this before. I agree with what Gokkasten said above. He probably IS sending the same message to many, many other blog owners. Such a shame.

  117. I guess this is just part of doing business but man that is messed up. How cocky!

  118. About as cocky as they get. Good for you for calling him out on that.

  119. I really like this post. Thanks for this article, I am now your blog’ s rss follower. you are now in my bookmarks.

  120. Well, some people really do not know whats the proper approach to doing business. I guess you hit him now pretty good. Nicely done.

  121. I just saw this entry, well it is very bad to do that like this man. Thanks for this article.

  122. This is very interesting because I was getting spam from the same domain recently, and came searching and found your post. Seems this guy hasn’t stopped and is still at it!

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