8 Commenting Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Spammer

Spam is the scourge of the internet. Depending on which source you want to use, somewhere between 80-99.9% of all email is spam. Akismet, the most widely used WordPRess spam filter, shows that right now 83% of comments are spam on blogs running their plugin. That means that only 17% of blog comments are legitimate,… Read More »

One Wrong Way to Get Links

We all know that getting inbound links, links from other web sites linking in to yours, is an important part of marketing your blog and raising your authority and rankings in the search engines. There are all kinds of ways to encourage other bloggers to link to you, but ultimately the best way to get… Read More »

Consider Carefully What Name You Use to Comment

Lorell VanFossen has a great post up over at the Blog Herald asking the question What Do You Put in the Name of a Comment Form? It is something to consider carefully. As Lorelle points out you have three basic choices of what to enter in that field when you leave a comment. You can… Read More »

Reservations for an Especially Hot Place in Hell

As you may have noticed my posting frequency has dipped a bit recently. I’ve got a lot on my plate and am even busier than normal. I’m OK with that. But there is something I’m not OK with. You might say I have a bone to pick, although my problem is boneless. I suppose you… Read More »