OK. This is a new one on me.

It’s evening and I had clean up detail. Fortunately tonight all that was required was to scoop up the Zaxby’s boxes from the coffee table and toss them in the trash. We’ve had a long run this week and Gorgeous stopped off to pick something up on her way home. Yummy.

But the dinner clean up pretty much filled the trash so I decided to just take it out and be done with it. Savannah being the pleasant place it is in the wintertime I walked out around the garage in the dark barefoot wearing jeans and a t-shirt. A little chilly if I was going to be standing around. But I like it cooler. Besides I wasn’t going to be out long.

I heard a bunch of sirens off in the distance. Not so far away as normal, mind you. Our house is on the back side of the subdivision and while we can hear the sirens on the main road if we listen close. These seemed closer than that.

I commented to Gorgeous when I came back in that there must be something going on, probably a fire somewhere nearby because I could hear the sirens outside.

Well in very short order we could hear them inside the house, getting closer. And it sounded like there were a lot of them!

We seriously talked about getting in the car and checking out what all the ruckus was all about. Not that we’re gawkers, or anything mind you. We’re both just the curious type. Really.

As we stepped out the door, “Oh, crap! They are turning down our street. It must be one of our neighbors.”

Then Gorgeous burst out laughing and shouted, “IT’S SANTA!!!

I kid you not. There were two of the South Side Fire Department’s finest engines rolling ever so slowly down our cul-de-sac lights all a flashin’ and sirens a wailin’ with the Big Guy in the Red Suit sittin’ up top a’straddle that big red engine in front.

All the houses on the block emptied out, we were all laughing and shouting back and forth at each other. Santa tossed little bags of goodies to all the kids. It was a hoot.

Unfortunately I was laughing too hard to have the presence of mind to grab my camera.

Somehow I think I just became a punchline for one of Jeff Foxworthy’s jokes.


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