We’re a relatively young blog here at SuccessCREEations. While I started blogging a while back, S-C didn’t come into being until the Get Started post on 23 August which, if my reckoning is correct is almost exactly 4 months ago.

We’ve come a long way in that third of a year.

First the boring stuff. From a statistical perspective, in that time we’ve had 10,304 unique visitors who looked at a combined 117,561 pages. We’ve gone from nonexistent to a Technocrati ranking of 60,370 (out of 63.2 million blogs currently tracked) with 176 links from 55 different blogs. Today our Alexa Ranking is 41,893 with a three month average of 125,787.

All that happened with 93 posts and 336 comments. Oh, and let’s not forget the 1,088 spam comments so far that Askimet has spared us from viewing.

These four months also included a significant amount of self discovery and a nearly 3 week long hiatus from blogging with two whole weeks of no posts at all. Talk about a traffic killer!

We’ve completely refocused SuccessCREEations in that time and made a significant course correction from exploring personal success tips and strategies to helping businesses fuel growth through blogging.

And that brings us to the good part: the people. Here at SuccessCREEations I’ve met a whole bunch of new and wonderful people that I didn’t know four months ago. New folks have stopped by, left a comment or two, or even become engaged in some lively discussion over the months.

This post is for you.

The idea came from Kirsten Harrell’s thank you post yesterday. Talk about a lady who gets what blogging is all about!

All you folks who have commented along the way are the only reason all those boring numbers up there exist. And the way things are set up currently you don’t get any credit back to your blog for your time thanks to the way WordPress has its nofollow stuff set up.

So in the spirit of the Christmas season, and in an effort to say thanks to all you who have left comments here this year I wanted to give y’all a link that your blog would get credit for.

Some of you have popped in, left a single comment and moved on. Some of us have become friends over the months. And, yes, there are even some of you that I’ve disagreed with over the months.

But you have all added to the conversation here.

I lost a few comments in the server melt down earlier this week, but I tried to include links for all I remembered. I apologize if I left anyone out because of that.

So without any further babbling from your host, here are the links. And thank you for the conversation!

David Turner
Joe Hauckes
Lyman Reed
Rick Cockrum
Michael A. Stelzner
Liz Strauss
Carolyn Manning
John Richardson
Kent Blumberg
Rosa Say
Tony D. Clark
Mike Sansone
Chris Johnston
Easton Ellsworth
Markus Schmidt
Eric Marcoullier
James Walton
Dave Rothacker
Troy Worman
Phil Gerbyshak
Becky McCray
Michael Wagner
Neil Dawson
Mike Sigers
Kirsten Harrell
Michael DeWitt
Renée Alexandrea
Jerry Kolber
Drew McLellan
Trevor Hampel
Jody Weissler
Amanda Chapel
Jessica Doyle
Dave Barnhart
Ellen Weber
Doug Karr
Anne Simons
Robyn McMaster
Grigor Ćorić
Andrew Wee
Michael Wagner


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