How to Revive a Stagnant Blog

Getting back in the game.

Getting back in the game.

Sooner or later it happens to most every blogger. One day you turn around and find that your blog has been neglected for far too long.

Unless you are remarkably disciplined, have an incredibly structured life that never has surprises, or have partnered with a co-author or two life is bound to get in the way of your blogging. And it is especially true if you are blogging for your business.

As an entrepreneur you may be in a situation where you have to do it all. Keeping up with your blogging can be especially challenging.

Starting Back Up

How do you get started again?

This is going to sound overly simplistic. And it seems kind of obvious.

What you should do is sit down and write a blog post.

No secrets or tricks required. Just start posting again. Blogging is not rocket science.

Keeping What You Had

One of the beauties of blogs is that even if you neglect them for a bit, whenever you do decide to get back to them they are still there.

All that page depth and the incoming links that you built up when you were blogging will still be there when you get back to it.

Sure you may lose some of your audience, but if you had been emphasizing RSS subscriptions, many will still be there once you come back as well.

Big Mistake

Here is one thing you shouldn’t do. Don’t apologize for being away. Your readers know.

Besides how many blogs have you seen that have several irregularly spaced blog posts all saying, “sorry I haven’t posted in a while”?

There’s not much that will scare away readers faster than that. You’re better off offering a post with some value to your readers and moving forward.

You also might want to avoid making big promises about how often you are going to be posting moving forward. While it can be motivating to have the accountability of announcing your intentions it can also turn into a huge discouragement as well if business ends up overriding your intentions.

That discouragement can make it even harder to get started blogging again the next time.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is we all have seasons when our blogs get less attention than we’d like. Don’t let it get you down. Just write another blog post and move forward. Leave the past behind. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. WoW, it’s already two months, since your last post on Palin’s, Chris.

    I’m glad that you’ve back on track. Just keep on the works and I’m sure the readers will come back in short period… 🙂

  2. Ya, I’m kinda feeling that way about one of my blogs right now. Good advice, thanks!

  3. Yeah I know where you are coming from. As the years tick by I’m sure there are plenty of people in this situation. I for one have started dozens of websites of all shapes and sizes on a whim or great idea, and then sorely neglected them for the next big thing.

    What about sites which aren’t blogs though? Can those pick back up and realise the greatness they once had? I have an art prints website which in it’s prime was getting over 1,500 visitors a day and brought in a little affiliate revenue from art prints and posters, but I lost focuss, and let it slip away, and slowly my traffic twindled and reduced to a meagre trickle… Is it possible to re-kindle such a website and restore again? Or will Google just ignore me forever now? It’s hard to know whether it’s worth re-investing the time again, or just put it down to experience and move on…? What would you do?

  4. I’m leaving another comment because I forgot to tick this box on the last post and I want to get emails when I get a reply… Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement. I also write a bunch of blogs and space them out, so when i have writers block, I am covered. Also being able to change the dates with wordpress, doesnt make it seem so long since I have been there.

  6. thank you for your advice, now im back again, i am have a plenty of time with my blog….

  7. Thanks for this post, there’s a few blogs where I seem to disappear from every so often, come back strong and announce a commitment and then disappear again. Going forward, I’ll just post when I have solid content to post and stop worrying about the appearance of consistency.

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