WordPress Releases New Contact Form Plugin

This week WordPress announced they updated their contact form builder for sites on WordPress.com. They also announced they were releasing a plugin that gives self hosted WordPress sites (i.e. WordPress.org) the same contact form. Now the release of a plugin, especially one that is so utilitarian as a contact form might not seem that exciting… Read More »

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Small Business Websites

Plugins make WordPress even more capable by adding features beyond the core software. Here are the top 10 WordPress plugins for small business websites so you don’t have to sort through the thousands of plugins available.

21 WordPress Plugins that Will Make Your Life Easier

WordPress is an amazing web publishing platform with tremendous capabilities right out of the box. But what truly makes WordPress my platform of choice is the dizzying array of plugins that you can download (for free, mind you) to customize things exactly the way you want. Plugins are simply bits of code that you can… Read More »

Add Functionality to WordPress with Plugins

WordPress is a powerful web publishing platform. That statement almost goes without saying. Because it is open source there is a tremendous amount of support for the platform freely available out there. And you can really add functionality to your WordPress site by adding plugins. What Plugins Are Plugins are simply smaller programs that interact… Read More »

Defensio Promises Competition for Spam Killing Akismet

Spam is the scourge of the internet. Spawn of Satan. Evil incarnate. It’s bad stuff. They say something on the order of 90% of all email sent is in fact spam. Blech! Spam Defined For those of you who live under an un-technological rock, here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia Spam entry. Spamming is… Read More »