How to Get 97% More Inbound Links and 55% More Visitors to Your Business Website

If you are having trouble getting traffic to your business website and struggle with your link building efforts you should consider adding a business blog to your marketing mix. Blogs make a huge difference in online business marketing results.

When a Blog is Not a Blog

This month marks the 5 year anniversary since I wrote my first blog post. I was testing the waters, thinking I might want to be a writer. What better way to experiment than with a free web publishing tool that could be accessed from anywhere? That was my theory at least. Little did I know… Read More »

SOBCon is Blogging!

The gang over at SOBCon ’07 has started blogging over at their site. Expect to see posts from the various different speakers. We’ve got plan’s to give the folks who are attending a voice over there as well. Oh, and you are going to see my name a bit since I’ve agreed to help organize… Read More »