Chris Brogan is on a Roll

Social Media rock star, Chris Brogan, is on a roll with his blog posts these days. Yesterday he posted links to ten posts representing his Best Advice About Social Media. Then today he followed it up with his Best Advice About Blogging. If you aren’t familiar with Chris’ blog, you should definately check it out.… Read More »

Down to Business at SOBCon08

Gorgeous and I spent this past weekend at SOBCon in Chicago. It was a tremendous weekend for the both of us. This years event kept some of the best parts of SOBCon07 and yet was quite different in at least one key element, that of focus. Last year SOBCon was all about community with a… Read More »

Top 9 Reasons I’m Not Following You on Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for just over a year now. My first Twitter day started on March 9th 2007. I quickly found that Twitter is addictive but I have stuck with it just the same. Over the past year I’ve tweeted a little over 4100 times and accumulated 500+ followers. These aren’t overly impressive numbers… Read More »