Here’s a question for you.

Which brings more value to your business, Quantity or Quality?

I know personally I have different preferences for different areas in my life.

For example, when it comes to my gadgets I want them to work, plain and simple. I want quality and I’ll do with fewer gadgets to get better ones.

But when it comes to, say, coffee or chocolate? I’m an equal opportunity imbiber. Quantity gets the nod every time. Mass quantities. I mean a lot! 🙂

With my friendships, though, I’d rather have a few really good friends that I can get to know and trust than hundreds of associates that really neither know or care a thing about me.

Which is better for your business? Would you rather have lots of one time customers or clients? Or do you think your business would be more successful if you had fewer who were dedicated to doing repeat business with you?

How about with blogging? Which do you think is more valuable in the blogs that you read? Lots of short simple posts? Or fewer posts that delve more deeply into their subjects?

Leave a comment with your ideas on this one. Let’s kick it around.

UPDATE: I’ve put up a post over in the right side bar which I’ll leave up for a little while. So cast your vote and let your voice be heard. Which is more important to you, Quantity or Quality?


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