We’ve all experienced a challenging customer. You know the kind – no matter what you do you just can’t seem to please them.

What do you do with those difficult folks? How do you handle it?

Well if you are Sprint-Nextel you cut those chronically dissatisfied people loose.

Check out this headline:

Sprint Cuts 1000+ Customers For Excessive Complaining

From the article:

A Sprint representative said the average customer calls customer service less than once a month, but the 1,200 clients getting the boot call 40-50 times as often.

Sprint said whatever the complaint, it has worked to resolve it but due to the volume of calls it’s obvious customers involved are not happy.

In a statement, the company said: “Rather than continue to operate in a situation that was unsatisfactory for Sprint and our subscribers, we chose to terminate our relationship with those customers to allow them to pursue other options.”

What do you think?

Is Sprint right to pass their difficult clients on to another provider? Or is there a better alternative?


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