I spent a good part of the day today inspecting cars that were being loaded into shipping containers for export. The industry term for loading a container is “stuffing”. Taking cargo out is “stripping”.

So they were stuffing cars in containers for export. And I was there. Doing my thing.

Anyway. The coolest car of the day, I thought, was this brand new Mustang GT Cobra.

Mustang GT Cobra

It was nearly enough to make me start drooling right there on the concrete. I’m not a big fan of the racing stripes. But I was digging pretty much everything about it.

Well except for the price on the sticker in the window, that is. Take a look at what I saw.

Charging Extra Because They Can

“Market Adjustment” $20,000

So the dealer charged some rich someone overseas an extra $20,000 just because it could. How’s that for capitalism at work! That’s adding like 46% to the cost of the car.

Takes a $43K car and magically transforms it into a $63K car. Because they could.

A Question

So here’s my question to you. If you found your market was willing to pay an extra 40 or 50% for whatever it is you do, would you charge it?

Is that a reasonable thing to do?

Or is that unethical? Gouging?

What do you say?


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