Got a few odds and ends to share with y’all this morning.

Great New Series

Easton Ellsworth has started a new series over at Business Blog Wire on Small Business Blog Help. Easton has been following business blogging for a long time and I consider him the go-to guy when it comes to Fortune 500 blogging.

I’m looking forward to seeing how he applies what he knows from big business to small business folks. Go check it out for yourself.

Bloggers Noticed by Mainstream Media

BusinessWeek is standing up and taking notice of some top tier bloggers. If you’ve ever wondered How Top Bloggers Earn Money then you should spend a little time looking through that slide show. (The navigation for the slides is in the upper right below the banner ad. Not as obvious as it could be.)

My New Mac is Arriving

I say “arriving” instead of “arrived” because yesterday the keyboard, monitor and mouse were delivered. Unfortunately the guts of my Mini are taking the slow boat to Savannah. They didn’t make the Friday outbound cutoff, apparently, didn’t start rolling until Monday and won’t be here until Friday according to FedEx.

So now I’ve got a couple of boxes here in my office that I’ll have to wait until the weekend to unpack.

Good thing I’m scheduled to be off this weekend! I suspect I’ll be plenty busy!



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