Effectiveness is often a good measure of success. When we are effective we are producing the results we striving to achieve.

Trouble comes when the results we see are different from what we expected. What then? How do we become more effective?

One sure way to be more effective is to Clarify Your Win.

We All Want to Win

Thumbs UpEveryone likes to win. People love the excitement when their team is getting ahead. It’s the reason sports are a multi-billion dollar industry around the globe. We are hard wired to crave winning and being associated with winners.

This is also why a team that’s in the middle of a big loosing streak has trouble filling a stadium. No one wants to associate with “losers”.

With sports it’s easy to see who the winner is. One quick look at the scoreboard, or maybe the clock is all it takes. Winning in most sports can be reduced to numbers and guys often memorize an amazing amount of data from their favorite sports teams all with the the goal of figuring out who’s got the best chances to win.

Or sometimes they use their stats to explain why this team won and that team lost.

Clarifying Your Win

How about in you business? Do you know what a win looks like? Does your team? How about your customers?

Have you even defined your win?

If you give people a clear goal, more often than not they’ll work like crazy to get there. But if your goal is unclear then they’ll be forced to guess. Or worse yet they may choose their own goal and decide for themselves what a win is.

You see, with our without a goal they are going to work hard to get somewhere. The question is, Are they getting where you want them to go?

How to Clarify Your Win

So how do you do it? Simple. Just ask yourself, What is the most important thing?

As you think about the answer to that question, your win will begin to come clear. Boiling it down can make the win even more compelling.

The obvious answer is that business exist to make money. However when making money becomes an offshoot of winning, you are much more likely to make decisions that will make your business successful over the long term. When you don’t, you will be tempted to make short sighted decisions that will increase the bottom line today but ultimately hinder the success of your organization.

For example, here at SuccessCREEations we’ve defined our win as

Making a client so happy they refer 3 jobs a year to us.

Is it ambitious? Sure is. But how would your business look if every one of your customers referred 3 other customers to you? What if only 10% of your customers did? How much is a referral worth to your business.

In our case here a good referral is incredibly valuable. And three from the same source? That’s definitely a win and something to celebrate!

So what’s your win?


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