Those of you who have been following SuccessCREEations know that we’ve been on a journey of discovery here. And, as is the case with discoverers, the new things we discover sometimes lead us to make some changes.

SuccessCREEations is going though some changes.


I started this blog nearly three months ago with a purpose in mind. I wanted to focus specifically on success topics and that narrow a focus didn’t really fit well with my other blogs. So, in order to have the freedom I wanted for that narrow focus I started this new project.Construction Worker

As some of you may remember, the original tag line for the blog was, “Applying success tips and strategies to improve financial, physical, relational, and spiritual health.”

The idea was to explore success principles from a practical view point, look at the major areas in our lives and apply the best info out there to them. Take the theory stuff that the experts go on about and work it out practically in order to see real life improving results.

One of the things I’ve always read is that writing things down is a tremendous help in clarifying thoughts. And I also believed that there might be others out there who were sorta in the same boat and might appreciate the discovery process. What I had in mind was basically an open source self improvement project.

A blog seemed like the best way to do all that. It forced me to have a level of accountability that wouldn’t have existed had I just been writing all this down in a private journal somewhere.

But more importantly the blog has fostered a dialog with other people who had a tremendous amount to contribute to the discussion. They generously shared their ideas, tips, strategies both here and on their own blogs.

I hesitate to highlight specific folks because I don’t want to leave anyone out. But here are just some of the folks who have been especially generous in conversation and deserve your attention. Liz Strauss, Mike Sansone, Tony Clark, Joe Hauckes, Ben Yoskovitz and Carolyn Manning. You would do well to subscribe to all of their blogs.

The Beginning of Change

Things really started to come together a couple weeks back when I wrote Work Where Your Passion Is. The resources I had found, and the discussion that post generated was really a catalyst for change here.

If you are not familiar with Brian Kim, please go check out his blog.

His e-book, The Hidden Secret In Think and Grow Rich is well worth the investment if you are serious about personal growth. (And no, I’m not an affiliate so Brian isn’t paying me to recommend his book. I just think it’s that good.)

But it was working through the very practical steps in the post I found in Brian’s archives about How to Find What You Love to Do that lead me to start making some course adjustments here at SuccessCREEations.

Shortly after beginning working through those steps I went ahead and changed the blog’s tag line by adding “for building successful businesses.” to the end of it because I began to realize that business is a passion of mine.

The Picture Becomes Clearer

As I have been working through the process, bouncing ideas around with all those folks listed above I began to notice a common theme emerging.

I had one of those smack-you-on-the-head Ah-ha moments one night when my friend Todd Beeler said to me, “You know Chris, you really know a lot about the whole blogging thing. You should consider doing some consulting to help businesses get into blogging the right way.”

It was one of those off hand remarks that sort of sticks with you. You know the type.

Anyway, as I was continuing my introspection and conversing with all sorts of folks here in the blog world I began to see a convergence of my passions – blogging, business, sharing, learning, teaching. Hmmm…

As I began to realize Todd might be on to something, other folks were confirming it in different ways through our conversations. And I have been taking steps in that direction over the last few weeks. The Business Blogging 101 series is one example.

Cliff Jumping Time

And now it is time to jump off a bit of a cliff and formalize the direction change here at SuccessCREEations. The change is best summed up with the new tag line, “Helping Businesses Fuel Growth Through Blogging”.

We will be shifting focus to concentrate more specifically on Successful Business Blogging. It is a wide open field that already has some really dynamic and successful folks.

I will be bringing my unique holistic approach to the subject. I’m confident that there is plenty of room for some complimentary discussion with all the heavy hitters that are already in the conversation.

For those of you who have been along for the ride because you have a passion for success, please don’t despair. 😉

I will still continue to work in our familiar subjects. It is still a part of who I am. A tiger can’t change his stripes!

I will just be framing the discussion in terms of businesses and blogging.

The way I see it we’ll be having the best of a whole bunch of worlds. I think we’ll find that narrowing the focus here will be an example of how less ends up being much more. To me it seems like everyone will win!

Just expect to see some changes when you visit. It won’t be anything major for now. Just a steady stream of incremental improvements that I don’t expect will ever really end. I’ve already changed the header. (I’ve got some tweaking to do with it yet.) And I’ll be revamping my About page shortly.

I suppose I could have just made the changes and not said anything. But y’all have been a part of this process so I figured you deserved an explanation. Besides, sharing what I’ve learned is really what SuccessCREEations is all about.



SuccessCREEations is now Kingdom House Productions