Sarah Palin in Savannah

I don’t usually get into politics around here. While I like reading about political stuff on my own time I have found over the years that some people take political stuff a little too personally. Besides, people come here for info on social media, not politics.

So I generally keep it off the blog here.

Sarah Palin speaks in Savannah

Sarah Palin speaks in Savannah

But then yesterday I did something I’ve never done before. I went to hear a live political speech by a national level figure. I started a new Twitter account to talk politics stuff on because I do find it interesting. One of the oldest folders in my bookmarks, from back before the days of feed readers, is one I labeled “Propaganda” and it’s where I keep links to my favorite politics web sites along with links to the news sites I frequent.

Yeah. I am a bit cynical at times.

I took a while to decide if I wanted to join the conversation about politics for a number of different reasons. Mainly I figured that many of the people who follow me at places like Twitter did so because of my social media focus. And they may not be at all interested in my politics.

The solution I came up with on Sunday was to open another Twitter account where I could focus on politics stuff. That way those who are interested can follow me there and the rest can ignore it if they like. So I’m now tweeting on things politics @CREEativeRight (and I’ll let you guess which way I lean.) It also helped me with a little social media experiment I was doing which I’ll share more about later in the week.


So I found out about Sarah Palin coming to town via @CREEativeRight and decided that there was enough hubub around her in the election that I’d go downtown and check it out.

Between live Tweeting her speech, taking photos, chatting with Jeremy Davis who ended up next to me, and getting text messages from friends who couldn’t be there I kept pretty busy.

The whole reason for the event was to promote the reelection of US Senator Saxby Chambliss who is in a runnoff election today with his opponent. I won’t go into the politics of what all she was talking about here.

But I would encourage all of you who are in Georgia to go vote today. Turnout for runnoff votes tends to be much lower than for general elections. Your vote will count that much more because today as a result.

I posted some more of my Sarah Palin photos on Flickr if you are interested. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. I am sooooo jealous. The first of the month is just such a busy time for me. I really admire Sarah. I won’t comment on the fact she was stumping for Saxby. I know I am supposed to be a good republican, but I just can’t support his decision to support the bailout after such a public outcry to the opposite vote.

    But, if you are interested in local politics…just let me know…I will be more than happy to help you get your feet wet πŸ™‚

  2. Honestly, Sarah is a tough lady. No matter how harsh the criticism were, she never afraid to stand out and defend for herself!

  3. After all is said and done, I really do think that Palin will have a better shot at running for a high office of any type by just stepping back, taking a look at what went wrong the first time around, and moving on from there. Seriously, isn’t that how we all learn and improve upon past performance?

  4. I am kind of torn on how I feel about Sara. think a true judge of her policy and character will be more visible in 2012. πŸ™‚

  5. Sarah Palin Rocks – She is highly intelligent and unlike Obama who thinks there are 57 states and his supporters that didn’t even know congress was controlled by Democrats, Palin actually has excellent policies.

  6. I really wanted to see Sarah in Canton Ohio but time did not permit. I am seriously thinking about going to Iowa in a few years and working for either her or Newt for 2012.

    I don’t know why Fluge doesnt think she is qualified, her credientials in executive experience far outweigh President Elect Obama’s.

  7. Many a rumor say she will one day run for president. I don’t think is as far off as some people would think. Chris I am also interested in politics but have never decided to “dive in” and become involved, Someday I would like to. I enjoyed the Flickr pictures of Sarah as well.

  8. Someone earlier said it best…”Sarah is a very interesting character”.

    Unfortunately, George Bush proved that “characters” only act the part and eventually get found to be incompetent

  9. She was a good speaker but perhaps it was too early for her (in her political career)…it will be interesting to see what happens at the next election!

  10. I find it truly impressive that you can go from being almost unknown in even your own country to becoming a worldwide celebrity what even having anything to show for it. Now that is marketing.

  11. Scandals and gossip around ruined her in politics. Sarah Palin maybe can go further in 2012 election. Who knows. politics is serioius, not funny.

  12. Do you think so Vincent? If find some parts of politics to be funny and childish πŸ™‚

  13. I don’t like her πŸ™ She is to bitchy, She will do anything to get on the top and I hate people like that. She will go over dead body’s to get on the top and get power.


  14. I really do think that Palin will have a better shot at running for a high office of any type by just stepping back, taking a look at what went wrong the first time around, and moving on from there

  15. Sarah Palin is a very strong woman. And that is all. She is not a level headed politician; she is an extremist who refuses to have an open mind. This is the kind of radical leadership and selfishness that led our economy into the fragile state it is in now. Being involved in organizations and helping people gain exposure is something she is good at. And this is what she needs to stick to. Not attempting to run our country when she cannot even control what happens within her immediate family.

  16. Palin was definitely a controversial figure during the 08 election. Latest news also says she isn’t ruling out a run for the 2012 election. I’m sure many in the Republican Party will be pleased to hear that, as she was certainly beloved by them.

    A lot will depend on how well Obama handles running the nation for the next four years. He knows he can’t give his opponents any ammunition for 2012.

  17. That is great that you made it to the Palin speach. I would have loved to seen her when she came through Central Ohio and am kicking myself for not making it.

  18. I am pretty happy that Obama won the election! I do not agree with her ideas either, and I have not been happy with the entire party either….

  19. Hmmm, I don’t thin Sarah Palin is that smart, or that he helped McCain in have more votes…anyway, I’m just glad that Obama won.

  20. Although McCain lost the election, but i would have loved to see her as Vice President of USA.She would have make a great pair with Obama.

  21. On a personal basis I like Sarah Palin, but I’d tend to lean left politically. It’s good people take interest in politics to attend these

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