I don’t usually get into politics around here. While I like reading about political stuff on my own time I have found over the years that some people take political stuff a little too personally. Besides, people come here for info on social media, not politics.

So I generally keep it off the blog here.

Sarah Palin speaks in Savannah
Sarah Palin speaks in Savannah

But then yesterday I did something I’ve never done before. I went to hear a live political speech by a national level figure. I started a new Twitter account to talk politics stuff on because I do find it interesting. One of the oldest folders in my bookmarks, from back before the days of feed readers, is one I labeled “Propaganda” and it’s where I keep links to my favorite politics web sites along with links to the news sites I frequent.

Yeah. I am a bit cynical at times.

I took a while to decide if I wanted to join the conversation about politics for a number of different reasons. Mainly I figured that many of the people who follow me at places like Twitter did so because of my social media focus. And they may not be at all interested in my politics.

The solution I came up with on Sunday was to open another Twitter account where I could focus on politics stuff. That way those who are interested can follow me there and the rest can ignore it if they like. So I’m now tweeting on things politics @CREEativeRight (and I’ll let you guess which way I lean.) It also helped me with a little social media experiment I was doing which I’ll share more about later in the week.


So I found out about Sarah Palin coming to town via @CREEativeRight and decided that there was enough hubub around her in the election that I’d go downtown and check it out.

Between live Tweeting her speech, taking photos, chatting with Jeremy Davis who ended up next to me, and getting text messages from friends who couldn’t be there I kept pretty busy.

The whole reason for the event was to promote the reelection of US Senator Saxby Chambliss who is in a runnoff election today with his opponent. I won’t go into the politics of what all she was talking about here.

But I would encourage all of you who are in Georgia to go vote today. Turnout for runnoff votes tends to be much lower than for general elections. Your vote will count that much more because today as a result.

I posted some more of my Sarah Palin photos on Flickr if you are interested.


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