Sarah Palin in Savannah

I don’t usually get into politics around here. While I like reading about political stuff on my own time I have found over the years that some people take political stuff a little too personally. Besides, people come here for info on social media, not politics. So I generally keep it off the blog here.… Read More »

Make Yourself Weird – Only Get to Know Folks Like You

Matt Damon was interviewed by the Associated Press recently and made some comments about the upcoming Presidential election here in the US that made some headlines. Now I am a fan of Damon’s work. If you ever get a chance to hear him talk about what he put himself through to get ready for his… Read More »

Hillary Clinton’s Approach to Social Media Killed Her Campaign

Hillary Clinton campaigned for president using a traditional approach to media. I call it the Push & Spin Approach. At this point that outdated approach to media, along with the rest of her campaign, seems to have failed miserably. Push & Spin The traditional approach to media is all about control. Build relationships with the… Read More »