Google Enters Browser Competition with Chrome

Internet behemoth Google took a major step towards their mission “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” with their recent beta release of the Chrome web browser. With typical Google focus on simplicity and functionality, Chrome shakes up the usual web browser display a little. In choosing to release the… Read More »

Mac Friday: Choosing a Web Browser

Switching to Mac has had some challenges. Most of them are fairly minor. For example, what web browser is the best one? That’s a question that can spark some heated debate depending on what circles you ask it. Wanna have fun at a tech-geek gathering? Ask it to a group of Mac users and then… Read More »

Check Other Browsers When You Change Your Theme

It’s been a long weekend, thanks in part to a silly mistake. I had the luxury of an entire day on Saturday to work on the computer. It is rare these days that I have such a big block of time available. I had been scheduled to work on Saturday as second on call, which… Read More »