Facebook Course Launched at New Media Profit Path

New Media Profit Path just launched the Facebook course. Check it out! This course has over an hour of videos to get your started on the right foot with Facebook to start bringing in more business! Here’s what you find there: Intro to Facebook Personal Profile vs. Business Page vs. Group Setting Up a Personal… Read More »

Launching ChrisCree.TV Today

Most people prefer video over text. The ratio is something like 90%. And that makes me a bit unusual since I’m in that other 10%. Even though I prefer text, I get that most of you probably prefer video. So I thought, why not start making videos to help people get the info better? Launching… Read More »

Old Media Powerhouse Learns New Media Lesson

There has long been friction between the traditional old media providers which include print and television, and new media information sources which are overwhelmingly Internet based. If you look deep enough you can find some basic philosophical differences between the ways old media and new media approach information flow. Old media has traditionally provided information… Read More »