Twitter is all the rage these days. Several big blogging names are fully on board tweeting away. And a few others have not embraced the idea. The die hard Twitter converts would probably add a “yet” at the end of that last sentence. We’ll see.

Fortunately for me their IM connectivity is still not working, at least with GoogleTalk, which has been good for me from a productivity standpoint because I’m not all up in the madness non-stop throughout the day.

Most of what goes on there is only of passing interest to me. And I see an interesting principle that seems to be in play over there. I’m open to other names, but for now let’s call it

    The Cree Principle of Twitterization

    Your Twitter posting frequency will be directly proportional to the length of your friends list.

It seems those folks on my friends list who have hundreds of friends (and huge followings) tend to be the heaviest Twitters. And that makes it easy for me. I can just check in a couple times a day, skim through, glean the interesting stuff and disregard the rest.

A Moment of Brilliance

Which brings me to one truly brilliant comment I saw there yesterday. Chris Brogan has been at VON for the past few days and at one point yesterday he said

Lots of visionaries and not enough princes of execution

Now I’m not sure if he was talking about a specific panel or session he was in there, or if that was a general commentary on the whole conference itself somehow. Regardless the idea Chris expressed has applications for us.

Especially in business.

Too often those of us who start businesses are full of great ideas. Obviously this is a very good thing, without which our businesses would never get anywhere.

But where it is easy to get into trouble is a that very point where the rubber meets the road. In order to make our vision a reality someone has to execute. It could even be argued that without execution, the idea falls short of greatness regardless of how brilliant it may seem.

I see it all the time with clients. They finally see the vision for blogging to support their business. They understand the value of conversation, the search engine benefits, and the advantages of adding humanity to their web presence. They see all that and say, “This is what we’re going to do.”

Yet, when it comes to the execution, the day to day effort of blogging, all too often the whole thing breaks down.

The Princes of Execution

It’s a role that isn’t as glamorous and sexy. We all want to be the visionary leader. The big cheese. In charge.

Yet somewhere along the way everything that happens requires a prince of execution. Even though it can be a thankless roll it is absolutely critical to the success of the organization that someone takes it on.

Chris is right. We need more Princes of Execution.

I’m guilty of trying to escape that role myself. I’ve been operating under this delusion that I needed to be more of the visionary leader and less of the executioner a prince of execution. Fortunately P of E is a role that I’m good at and have had many successful years with. I just need to give myself permission to be me.

So let me ask you this. Who is your Prince of Execution? Do you have one?

Did you even know you were missing one?

Gives you something to think about, doesn’t it.


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