One of the facets of blogging that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves is the networking aspect. Networking is a huge part of promoting your blog.

Successful bloggers read other blogs they are interested in, especially those in their same niche, and actively comment adding value to those blogs.

Many are also active on various other social media type web sites that are relationship oriented and make new connections there as a result. Two of my personal favorites are Facebook and Twitter.

Networking SOBCon StyleOften conversations that started in a comment box, or on one of the other sites spill over into emails with different folks.

Or maybe it might even lead to a phone conversation like it did the other night when Chris Brogan Twittered his cell phone number and asked who wanted to give him a shout. I called his number and chatted with Chris for a few minutes.

And now I have a friend and professional contact in the Boston area that I doubt I’d have met without blogging.

Promoting your blog takes time, sure. But that time will equate to new contacts that your business could never make via traditional marketing approaches.

Is it worth it? I sure think so.


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