Y’all know that a big part of the whole exercise here at SuccessCREEations involves a certain amount of introspection. The idea has been to explore ideas tips and strategies so we can all become more successful.

As I noted yesterday, some of that introspection involves finding where our passions lie. I am exploring and doing some heavy thinking along that vein keeping my eyes out for whatever treasures I can find along the way.

Obviously one of my passions is blogging. I like sharing ideas and the community of people from all over the world that can connections all over the world that blogs do better than most other avenues.

Another of my passions is business. Business is what makes the world go round. I know you may have thought it was money that kept things moving. But it takes businesses to create the goods and services which generate the money to make the world go round.

So along that line I am going to be adding a Fifth Dimension to SuccessCREEations. In addition to talking about Financial, Physical, Relational, and Spiritual health we will be talking about Business health as well. Sure that’s a wide open field. So I expect I’ll be focusing on how the other four dimensions interact with business and individual businesses.

I don’t have the details worked yet. But that’s OK. We’re all about discovering together here. But for now I can see taking a closer look at businesses who blog. A couple of folks that I will be watching more closely in the coming days are Mike Sansone over at ConverStations and Easton Ellsworth at BusinessBlogWire.

Both of these guys have been following blogging as it relates to the business world for quite some time now. Their stuff fits well into those two passions of mine. And I think it is fitting that both of them show up over on the left side bar as Recent Visitors here. (Hi Guys!)

So in the coming days expect to see more business related content here. And feel free to jump in and give us your two cents. This is an open dialog kinda place.



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