I’ve been hearing a lot about a relatively new blog cross promoting service lately called The Good Blogs. I first heard about it nearly a month ago when Mike Sansone mentioned how much he was digging having the widget on his blog (that’s a lower case digging. 😉 )

Since then I’ve noticed Ben Yoskovitz has become part of their community over at the Instigator Blog and has the widget in his side bar. Carolyn Manning used the The Good Blogs widget on her thoughtsphilosophies.com to find a few treasures to add to the z-list meme.

Ben Yoskovitz took an even deeper look at the company and service when he posted his interview with Vernon Lun, one of the co-founders of The Good Blogs over at Startup Spark at the beginning of the month.

So imagine my surprise when I log on to check my email on a holiday weekend and see one drop in from Vernon Lun himself asking me if I’d be willing to add SuccessCREEations to their business category.

Um, yeah! That one’s a no-brainer from my perspective.

And it wasn’t one of those automated emails that you see from time to time either. I could tell because Vernon responded very quickly when I answered his emails. So one of the principals in the company was keeping tabs on his email late on a Saturday evening on a holiday weekend.

Talk about being service oriented.

The thing that I find most attractive to The Good Blog’s cross promotion idea is that they are not letting every single blog that is submitted to join. They seem to be working hard to keep the quality of their marketed content high.

When you click though on one of the article titles in the widget you are taken to the blog with a tool bar across the top that includes submission buttons for Digg, Reddit and the like. You can see what it looks like with SuccessCREEations here. I like the fact that they built in an easy way for folks who don’t like the tool bar to make it go away. Just click the ‘x’ on the far right side, the tool bar’s gone, and you are at the source page url. Simple and user friendly.

If they can hold to their standards I think they will have a winner for a long time to come.

And I am honored that they feel SuccessCREEations measures up. So check out The Good Blogs in the side bar for great stuff from folks that you might no be familiar with yet. I’ve got it in the right side bar for now, but I may be doing some rearranging for the new year.

Thanks Vernon! And please, take a little time off to enjoy the holiday.


SuccessCREEations is now Kingdom House Productions