WordPress Security Release Version 2.6.5

WordPress gave us yet one more security update to version 2.6 before the long anticipated major release of version 2.7, which is expected in the next few weeks. The new WordPress version 2.6.5 addresses a security vulnerability as well as a few other very minor improvements. There are a total of five files modified in… Read More »

WordPress Tips for Beginners

Note: This post was written years ago and is almost completely out of date. Over the years my recommendations have completely changed as the tech landscape has changed. For example, I emphatically do not recommend GoDaddy anymore. For anything. So much so, in fact that we now as a company offer both WordPress hosting and… Read More »

WordPress Releases Security Update Version 2.6.3

Yesterday WordPress released a security update in Version 2.6.3. According to the WordPress development blog this version update corrects a vulnerability in the Snoopy Library. Now unless you want the Red Barron to be able to cause havoc with your blog you will probably want to either update the two files that are changed in… Read More »

WordPress Issues Security Uptate in Version 2.6.2

I woke up this morning and see that WordPress released a new version yesterday. The new version 2.6.2 is a security release. It looks like the security exploit they patched is a fairly low probability complex hack involving randomized password generation and a bunch of technical blah, blah, blah. Even so, you probably should think… Read More »

Improved Security When Upgrading WordPress Not Automatic

One click WordPress upgrades are convenient. They fit right in with how I describe blogging platforms to the uninitiated: They make web publishing simple for people of modest technical means. Some web hosts include the Fantastico module which also allows for one click upgrades of WordPress. I’ve used it many times. It is (usually) faster… Read More »

Image Formatting Issues on Upgrading to WordPress 2.6

Got a call yesterday from a buddy of mine who had just upgraded his blog to WordPress 2.6 and found he wasn’t able to get images to align in his new posts the way he did before. No matter what he did the images just displayed one way. I knew right away what his problem… Read More »

WordPress Upgrades to Version 2.6

WordPress rolled out their update to version 2.6 the other day with some great new feature improvements. Here’s a quick rundown of the new features. WordCount Ever wonder how many words you have in your blog posts? I do. I’ve been a longtime user of the TD Word Count plugin. But now WordPress will tell… Read More »

Older Versions of WordPress Hacked

WordPress blogs are starting to get hacked in greater numbers lately. The problem is getting serious enough that the WordPress podcast recently addressed out of date WordPress blogs being hacked. Even my good friend Mark Goodyear went to log into his blog and discovered that GoodWordEditing was hacked. In his case he couldn’t even log… Read More »

Brand New Design

If you are a feed subscriber you might not know. But we’ve just launched the redesigned SuccessCREEations, Inc. website. There are still some bugs to work out yet and now I’m in the same boat that my clients often find themselves, a new website just begging to be filled with content. Upgrading WordPress The first… Read More »

Add Functionality to WordPress with Plugins

WordPress is a powerful web publishing platform. That statement almost goes without saying. Because it is open source there is a tremendous amount of support for the platform freely available out there. And you can really add functionality to your WordPress site by adding plugins. What Plugins Are Plugins are simply smaller programs that interact… Read More »