How to Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers

It’s a nightmare scenario. You go to your website only to find a nasty message from a hacker bragging about hacking your site. And nothing else. As far as you can tell your content is gone and you can’t even find a way to log into your WordPress dashboard. Would your business survive your website… Read More »

WordPress 3.0 Released

The long awaited update to WordPress 3.0 was released yesterday. As I’ve said before, version 3.0 makes WordPress a powerful Content Management System (CMS platform). Folks who say that WordPress is only good for blogging are going to have to change their tune. Between the new support for custom post types and the new navigation… Read More »

WordPress Launches Gravatar Public Profiles

The fully WordPress integrated service Gravatar announced last week that they have launched public profiles. Find out how you can get yours today for free.

Preview of the WordPress 3.0 New Menu Management Feature

WordPress 3.0 introduces a powerful new site navigation menu management system which further cements WordPress as a powerful web CMS platform.

Notes from WordCamp Orlando

This past weekend I went down to Orlando to attend the WordCamp there. You’d think for a long time WordPress guy like me WordCamps would be old hat but this was my fist one. I picked up tons of little tidbits. Here are a few in no particular order. Forward Looking The WordPress core development… Read More »

Best Way to Get Started with WordPress

Yesterday someone asked me what’s the best way to get started with WordPress. Good question. With its free code and famous 5 minute installation, WordPress is a great platform for the do-it-yourself website and folks looking to have a top notch website on a very tight budget. Since WordPress installation is so straight forward should you… Read More »

Headway Premium WordPress Theme Review – WordPress Just Got Easier

It doesn’t matter whether you develop lots of WordPress sites for clients like I do,  are just getting started with WordPress, or are somewhere in between you are going to fall in love with the power, flexibility, ease and control that the Headway premium theme puts at your fingertips. Headway makes complex design changes –… Read More »

21 WordPress Plugins that Will Make Your Life Easier

WordPress is an amazing web publishing platform with tremendous capabilities right out of the box. But what truly makes WordPress my platform of choice is the dizzying array of plugins that you can download (for free, mind you) to customize things exactly the way you want. Plugins are simply bits of code that you can… Read More »

How to Use Gravatars in WordPress and Beyond

Gravatars are an easy free way to add avatars to your website whether your site is built on WordPress or another platform. Here is all you need to do to get started with Gravatars…

WordPress Releases Update Version 2.7.1

On Tuesday WordPress released an update version 2.7.1. This release is being called a maintenance release and addresses 68 bugs and enhancements that were pointed out by users to the 2.7 release. WordPress 2.7 Changes Everything If you still haven’t updated your WordPress installation to the 2.7 series that was released before the holidays you… Read More »