Archives for July 2010

3 Easy Ways to Back Up Your WordPress Site

Backing up your data has been a necessary part of life at least as long as we’ve had computers. Far too many people live out on the raggedy edge, care free and unafraid, never giving a second thought about backups. Until something bad happens and they loose a bunch of their data, that is. Our… Read More »

Taking it Offline

I think an important part of any social media marketing strategy should involve taking things offline and meeting people face-to-face. That’s true not only for personal networking but for business too, because both social media and business are first and foremost about people. That’s one of the reasons my favorite Twitter list is the people… Read More »

Google and Neutrality Irony

In a rather ironic twist, Google now finds itself on the receiving end of a “neutrality” flap. It’s ironic because Google has long lobbied for something called “net neutrality.” If you look at Google’s Public Policy blog you’ll see they’ve published 22 posts on the topic to date. Background When you strip away all the… Read More »

How to Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers

It’s a nightmare scenario. You go to your website only to find a nasty message from a hacker bragging about hacking your site. And nothing else. As far as you can tell your content is gone and you can’t even find a way to log into your WordPress dashboard. Would your business survive your website… Read More »