Make Yourself Weird – Only Get to Know Folks Like You

Matt Damon was interviewed by the Associated Press recently and made some comments about the upcoming Presidential election here in the US that made some headlines. Now I am a fan of Damon’s work. If you ever get a chance to hear him talk about what he put himself through to get ready for his… Read More »

Business is About People not Stats

As we work through the current series on Promoting Your Blog with Social Networking Sites, it is important that we pause for a moment and remember that ultimately business is about people and not about stats. Business blogging is no different. Show Me The Money I’ve had discussions in the past with folks who subscribe… Read More »

Make People Like You More with 1 Simple 4 Step Formula Guaranteed to See Success

Business is about people. Business Blogging is also about people. Some of you reading this are thinking, “No it isn’t. Business is about money (then a few might even add) you idiot!” If you are one of the folks thinking that, I say you are wrong. Here’s why. If you get the people, the money… Read More »

A Moment To Focus on What Really Matters

Gorgeous and I are heading out of town for a while, taking a much needed break. This year we decided to mix it up a little so instead of spending a day braving our nation’s air travel industry we are driving. From Savannah to Wisconsin. Here’s to hoping for good weather! We decided to drive… Read More »