Learn What Really Stresses You Out

HighCallingBlogs.com and Robert Hruzek of MiddleZoneMusings.com are joining forces again to talk about what we’ve learned from stress. (The project is still open, just visit that link if you want to participate.) The Reality of Stress Stress is a core reality in this fallen world we live in. There … Read more about Learn What Really Stresses You Out

Your Reading Stack Meme

Got tagged by Director Tom with the Page 123 meme. He tagged me via Twitter, which is a new twist. The point of this meme is to take whatever book you are reading right now and share sentences 6-8 on page 123. Here it goes. Right now I'm reading Who Are You Really, and What Do You Want? by … Read more about Your Reading Stack Meme

Sunday Morning Goodness – 15 April 2007

I know it is tax deadline day. But it's Sunday so they probably are giving you until tomorrow to file since the mail isn't running today. (Don't hold me to that, though. I filed a while back because I'd overpaid and wanted my money back quickly.) Anyway I was just poking around my feed reader … Read more about Sunday Morning Goodness – 15 April 2007

CREEating Value – 21 March 2007

CREEating Value - About once a week I go through my feed reader and pull out a few gems that bring value to you as a business blogger. We're overdue 'cause I sorta skipped last week. (oops!) And I am personally going through a bit of a challenging week on the non-blogging front. So today I … Read more about CREEating Value – 21 March 2007


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