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Organize Your Internet with SecondBrain

With the wealth of social media sites that are coming available to us these days, services that help us organize all that information are going to become more and more valuable. SecondBrain is striving to become the premier service in that department. Easy Sign Up Getting started with SecondBrain is a snap. Simply go to… Read More »

Competition for Blogs

My good friend Liz Strauss was in the UK recently and shared a little the other day about her experience at City University while she was over there. While she was there she was asked an excellent question. What is a blog’s competition? Normally I come up with answers to questions about blogging fairly quickly… Read More »

Sneek Peek Inside the Age Of Conversation

In addition to preparing to give a social media talk last week I had to get my chapter in this year’s Age Of Conversation by the Thursday deadline. As I posted a while back, the overarching topic this year is “Why don’t people get it?” I’m still going to leave it as a surprise as… Read More »

Presentation – Blogging and Social Media in Your Business

This past week I gave a presentation on Blogging and Social Media in Your Business to a local group of 60+ entrepreneurs. The talk was sponsored by the ATDC and the Creative Coast here in Savannah. The talk was designed as an introductory talk for business people who didn’t yet have an understanding of what… Read More »

Definition of Social Media

I’m putting the finishing touches on a presentation I’m giving tomorrow to a group of local entrepreneurs. The subject is Blogging and Social Media in Your Business. As I was putting it together I discovered that there still isn’t a definition of social media that really hits the mark out there yet. Robert Scoble started… Read More »

Value in Getting Away

Note: This post is part of a group writing project for for this month sponsored by Laity Lodge and which we’re hosting here at SuccessCREEations, Inc. The topic is Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! While the main drawing has already happened you can still participate in the writing project until the end of the month and… Read More »

But is Twitter Useful?

One of the people that Gorgeous and I connected with in Chicago this past weekend was Christine Kane. It probably didn’t hurt that the three of us were all seated in close proximity to a very wild and obnoxious three year old on the same flight into Chicago. That got diverted to Columbus for more… Read More »

Down to Business at SOBCon08

Gorgeous and I spent this past weekend at SOBCon in Chicago. It was a tremendous weekend for the both of us. This years event kept some of the best parts of SOBCon07 and yet was quite different in at least one key element, that of focus. Last year SOBCon was all about community with a… Read More »

Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

Have you ever felt the need to get away from it all? Have you ever had to chose whether to take some time away or keep pressing on? Which way did you decide to go? What happened as a result? HighCallingBlogs Group Writing Project This month we’re hosting the HighCallingBlogs Group Writing project here at… Read More »

Brand New Design

If you are a feed subscriber you might not know. But we’ve just launched the redesigned SuccessCREEations, Inc. website. There are still some bugs to work out yet and now I’m in the same boat that my clients often find themselves, a new website just begging to be filled with content. Upgrading WordPress The first… Read More »