Local TV News Interview About Facebook Privacy

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Jennifer Beale, a local TV news reporter with WJCL, The Coastal Source. Jennifer was putting together a story on Facebook and privacy and was looking for some background information. I happened to be driving home from a meeting (a planning meeting for WordCamp Savannah that we’re holding in… Read More »

Faceboook Privacy – What You Need to Know

There has been lots of talk recently about Facebook and their approach to privacy. Some folks are upset about the ever increasing amount of their Facebook profile data that is publicly available by default with each progressive change to their terms of service. The issue seems to be coming to a head. Some prominent tech… Read More »

Free and Easy Social Media Plan

Weaving social media into your business marketing plan doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. The basic principles are simple and straight forward. In fact I’ll lay out the whole explanation for you right here. It’s yours for free to get you started with social media today. Are you ready? Here you go! Basic Truth… Read More »

Launching ChrisCree.TV Today

Most people prefer video over text. The ratio is something like 90%. And that makes me a bit unusual since I’m in that other 10%. Even though I prefer text, I get that most of you probably prefer video. So I thought, why not start making videos to help people get the info better? Launching… Read More »

Twitter for Business: 15 Masters Show You How

15 Twitter experts share their secrets about how they harness the growing power of Twitter to explode your business. You’re going to want to be a part of this…

How to Game Twitter to Add Thousands of Followers Every Day

And Why You Really Don’t Want to Do It. With the social media service Twitter beginning to be more widely adopted, less sophisticated marketers are joining the community. Some of these folks are opportunists of dubious ethics who are not looking to use the medium engage the community. Instead these social media hucksters are simply… Read More »

Carbon Motors Police Car of the Future in Savannah

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see the future of law enforcement vehicles. And it’s pretty cool. No. It’s way beyond cool. The coolness was on display down at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center in a public event that, well,  really wasn’t publicized all that well. I happened to hear about it from… Read More »

Loving to Hate Facebook

As long as we’re on a a Facebook roll this week, I thought I’d share this little video I found via Cherly Smith’s blog. Over and above the TOS issue, the video pretty much sums up the things I don’t like about Facebook. Check it out. 25 Things I Hate About Facebook – What do… Read More »

Facebook Overtakes MySpace

Yesterday we talked about a change in the Facebook Terms Of Service that means Facebook owns your content – forever. And then at a talk I participated in for our local Small Business Chamber here in Savannah yesterday a couple of the panelists shared a little about how their being active on Facebook is leading… Read More »

Facebook Now Owns Your Content – Forever

Update: This subject made the front page of Drudge yesterday. The article is here. I’m big into social media, especially as a way to promote your business. Even so I’ve never been head over heels about Facebook as a means to promote business. I know many businesses out there who see great returns from their… Read More »