Updating Our Comment Policy

One year ago this coming Saturday I announced here on SuccessCREEations that we were going to start rewarding quality commenters. In that post I announced two things. I installed the Show Top Commentors plugin (original version.) I had some challenges with the plugin when I updated the blog and theme. Andy Beard, an SEO/Internet Marketing… Read More »

WordPress Advanced ToolBar

One of the advantages of using WordPress as a publishing platform is that the WordPress folks are constantly adding new and better features. It can be a challenge to keep up sometimes. This is especially true if we’ve come up with a way to do something that has since been made simpler in more recent… Read More »

Bloglines Beta vs Google Reader

As a guy who who helps businesses with blogging and the whole social media scene I’m often asked to make recomendations on feed readers. For many folks a web based reader makes sense. The ability to keep up with feeds from any computer with an internet connection, the ease of start up (and the fact… Read More »

1 Simple Tip to Improve Readability and SEO at the Same Time

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “Are you an SEO Expert?” When I talk with the asker a bit, usually what they want to know is, “Can you help my site get ranked higher in the search engines?” You bet I can do that. Did you know there is something you… Read More »

Errors Upgrading WordPress – Troubleshooting Tips

Not everyone follows instructions. When upgrading your WordPress site not following the upgrade instructions can cause some really unpleasant things to happen and give some scary error messages. Maybe you messed things up through ignorance. Or if you’re like me you might just try doing it wrong just to see what happens. If you’re in… Read More »

When Hosting Goes Bad

Web hosting is not a 100% thing. I tell people that while most reputable hosts legitimately claim 99% up time things do break. It doesn’t matter whether they are mechanical or electronic. Bad things happen from time to time. That 99% figure is an average. What that means is that during any given month your… Read More »

Mac Friday: Choosing a Web Browser

Switching to Mac has had some challenges. Most of them are fairly minor. For example, what web browser is the best one? That’s a question that can spark some heated debate depending on what circles you ask it. Wanna have fun at a tech-geek gathering? Ask it to a group of Mac users and then… Read More »

We’re Blog of the Day at FuelMyBlog!

Just saw the email letting me know SuccessCREEations has been named Blog of the Day at FuelMyBlog. How totally cool! Thanks, guys! Even sent me a snazzy new icon to put in my sidebar letting everyone know ’bout it too. So go ahead and click on it and fuel my blog!

Consider Carefully What Name You Use to Comment

Lorell VanFossen has a great post up over at the Blog Herald asking the question What Do You Put in the Name of a Comment Form? It is something to consider carefully. As Lorelle points out you have three basic choices of what to enter in that field when you leave a comment. You can… Read More »

Mac Friday – 3 August 2007

Well it’s now been about 2 weeks since my Mac Mini arrived. And things are going well. I overheard Gorgeous telling a friend that she doesn’t hear grumpy noises eminating from my office anymore. I take that as a good sign things are going well. Before I got the Mac I was at the point… Read More »