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7 Tactics Sure to Help Build a Loyal Blog Following

We all crave a loyal blog following. Preferably a big one. A lack of blog traffic can be especially frustrating, especially when we are just getting started. Put a bunch of effort into writing a great post and then wonder if anyone is even reading it. Building that loyal blog following is obviously something most… Read More »

Contest Highlights Business Bloggers

Joe Hauckes over at Working at Home on the Internet is running a little contest. And you can be a part of it. Help Others and Win All you have to do is to write a post and share some ideas about business blogging. By sharing a little about your experience with business blogging, good,… Read More »

Memorial Day – Remembering the Cost of Liberty

Today is Memorial Day here in the ole US of A. It’s the holiday that unofficially marks the beginning of summer, a day when folks crank up the barbecues or head to the beach. It’s a big boating day. More Than That But the day means more than that.

Technorati Has a New Look

You may have noticed that Technorati has been made over in the last week or so. Gotta say I like the new look. Check out what they have to say about the refreshed Here is a good take away from the announcement: We’ve also worked really hard at making our user interface simpler, and… Read More »

Book Review: Blogging Tips – What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time getting to know Lorelle VanFossen a bit while we were both at SOBCon a few weeks ago in Chicago. She is one of those high energy folks that I imagine would be exhausting to try to keep up with long term. She was incredibly helpful to… Read More »

U-Haul Renting Tips

We made it back to Savannah. But along the way it was far from a sure thing. We rented a little truck like the one here in the photo. Only ours wasn’t as nice. To quote what the technician who checked us back in at the U-Haul store here in Savannah told his Assistant Manager,… Read More »

Heading Back South

Well the U-Haul is all loaded up. Dad’s house is empty. Gorgeous and I have one more night on the air mattress. When the sun rises tomorrow we will point the truck South and head for the coast. We’ll be a bit out of touch the next couple days. In the mean time there is… Read More »

Anonymous or Pseudonym Blogs – Good For Business?

Here’s a question to get your synapses firing as you head into the weekend. Should your business blog author be anonymous or use a pseudonym? There are some good arguments for going either way. Some of them even make more sense than this Dilbert cartoon here. From a business perspective, having an anonymous blog or… Read More »

A Glimmer of Hope in Microsoft’s Marketing?

I keep saying that business is about people and relationships with them. Build the relationships and the money will follow. And in greater quantities than if try to reduce people to numbers and statistics. In his Breaking Up With Advertising post, David Armano points out this treasure of a video clip that seems to indicate… Read More »

Sometimes Marketing Can Be Wasted Money

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not at all hostile to spending marketing dollars. In order to attract customers, they have to know you are there and what you have to offer. However I just experienced an eye opening instance when money spent on marketing would have probably been a complete waste. A Marketable… Read More »