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Facebook Course Launched at New Media Profit Path

New Media Profit Path just launched the Facebook course. Check it out! This course has over an hour of videos to get your started on the right foot with Facebook to start bringing in more business! Here’s what you find there: Intro to Facebook Personal Profile vs. Business Page vs. Group Setting Up a Personal… Read More »

Hot Lessons

Our air conditioner went out on Friday night. I spent most of the morning Saturday on the phone with our home warrantee folks trying to get someone to come fix it on the weekend. What was I thinking? As I write (from a coffee shop) we’re on day 3 without it. Yesterday the temperature reached… Read More »

WordPress 3.0 Released

The long awaited update to WordPress 3.0 was released yesterday. As I’ve said before, version 3.0 makes WordPress a powerful Content Management System (CMS platform). Folks who say that WordPress is only good for blogging are going to have to change their tune. Between the new support for custom post types and the new navigation… Read More »

7 Video Sharing Sites That Are Not YouTube

There are lots of video sharing sites besides YouTube. Some have advantages that are worth taking a look at. Here are 7 of them with example videos from each for comparision

17 Sources For Creative Blog Content Ideas

Everyone of us who create content for our business blogs and websites regularly can have challenges coming with ideas from time to time. Heck, some folks struggle with it most of the time. Well here are some places you can go to find creative ideas for you blog content. The key is to take ideas… Read More »

Social Media in Plain English

Do you have trouble wrapping your mind around social media and what it’s all about? If so, you might appreciate this video created by Common Craft. Common Craft This video was produced by a company that is creating instructional videos that they are licensing for others to use. Their about page explains: Common Craft is… Read More »

New Media Profit Path Launches WordPress Course

The WordPress course was just launched at New Media Profit Path. Here’s some of what I shared about the course with our Platinum Lifetime Members: This course contains all the info you need to know to get started with WordPress in 8 videos and a total of an hour and forty-five minutes of instruction! Here’s… Read More »

WordPress Launches Gravatar Public Profiles

The fully WordPress integrated service Gravatar announced last week that they have launched public profiles. Find out how you can get yours today for free.

Preview of the WordPress 3.0 New Menu Management Feature

WordPress 3.0 introduces a powerful new site navigation menu management system which further cements WordPress as a powerful web CMS platform.

Social Media Training for the Travel Industry with Tourism Currents

If you’re in the travel and tourism industry Tourism Currents offers fantastic social media training from a couple ladies who are intimately familiar with the unique challenges of your industry. Now some folks may find it strange, seeing that I have a social media training product on the market, that I would recommend what cold… Read More »